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How to get the trendiest style this season



When it comes to the bedroom, there’s a right way and a wrong way to style – the cozier the better.

The bedroom is one of the most sacred places in the whole house. It is a place of rest and recovery. Plus, if done right, this room can add value to your home, says stylist Catherine Hegarty.

“We know that the more bedrooms, the better when buying a home,” shares Kathryn.

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“But we also know that people appreciate a desirable bedroom that feels luxurious and beautiful, not necessarily one that’s bigger.”

So, if you’re looking to add warmth to your bedroom or are working with limited space, dial up the coziness factor with these tips from styling experts.

Choose a central bed

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so think carefully about the type of bed frame, materials, colors and dimensions.

Kathryn says choosing your bed first helps set the stage for your style theme. From a sleek wooden frame to a plush-upholstered bed that exudes luxury, there are plenty of themed options to explore.

But while you may want to make a big style statement with a bed that stands out in the center, make sure it also meets the requirements of functionality and comfort.

“There are so many beautiful, comfortable options, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort just for a beautiful bed,” explains Kathryn.

“If you have a small space, a double bed is a great option because it gives you room to walk around comfortably and the bed won’t overwhelm the space.”

Choosing the right bed can add a focal point to your bedroom, enhancing the feeling of luxury and comfort. Photo: Caroline McCready

“Some beds also have built-in storage underneath for items you don’t use all the time. They are also very good for small spaces and are very popular.’

Catherine also says that part of choosing the perfect bed is also choosing the perfect mattress, an element that is key “to a good night’s rest”.

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Choose furniture of the right size

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so consider the layout of the room when choosing furniture.

“If you have a really big room, you want really big furniture that fills the space,” says Kathryn. “That way, it won’t look like everything is floating in there.”

Try a statement headboard and nightstand. Also consider adding a seating area, rugs or ottomans if you have the space.

Catherine says if it’s a small room, consider innovative options such as tall boys and storage beds. Make sure you declutter to maximize space.

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Minimalist furniture creates the illusion of space in a cozy room. Photo: Caroline McCready

Think about lighting

For a room where sleep is the goal, ceiling lighting is often unnecessarily bright. Limit overhead lighting and instead use a variety of smaller lamps mounted at different heights to create a mood-enhancing atmosphere.

Tip: Warm-colored bulbs with low wattage will help soften the light throughout the room for maximum comfort.

Use color to make the space more peaceful

The old rule of thumb for bedroom decorating was to choose whites, warm grays and blues to create a sleepy environment – but that’s not the case anymore.

“Many people shy away from whites and blues,” says Catherine. “Instead, people are exploring earthy colors with lots of browns and greens.”

Tip: Keep it colorful but calm – avoid really bright and bold colors.

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Adding color to your bedroom can make it feel more relaxed; layering the bedding with texture adds an element of comfort. Photo: Caroline McCready

Add lots of layers

“You don’t want to be minimalist in the bedroom,” says Kathryn. “Adding different levels of texture will make it feel much more comfortable. Things like rugs, blankets, pillows and artwork.”

For your bed, it offers an attractive cover, with premium sheets and free use of pillows.

Additionally, look around the room and see what you can add. For luxury, stick to furniture made from natural materials, such as linen lampshades and rattan furniture. Also, consider wallpaper to really add a touch of chic to your space.

Tip: Avoid hard and sharp reflective metal sculptures. Also, stay away from things made of plastic, which can feel manufactured and cheap.