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What Are the Most Valuable Items in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers a myriad of options to enhance and customize your characters, including the ability to steal items from enemies. While not essential, the Steal command can be valuable for acquiring specific items, equipment, and crafting materials.

Obtaining the Steal Command

To utilize the Steal command, you’ll need the Steal materia. This materia can be acquired from various sources such as shops, Solemnitude Manor in Corel Prison, and as part of Yuffie’s starting loadout.

Enhancing Steal Effectiveness: Steal’s success rate is influenced by your character’s luck stat. Consider pairing it with Luck Up materia and characters with naturally high Luck for better results.

Recommended Items to Steal

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Steal may not yield game-breaking resources but can still provide valuable assets. Here are some items worth stealing:

Celeris: Allows casting of Haste on a target, enhancing attack speed. It’s particularly useful as it doesn’t consume MP. You can steal Celeris from various enemies, with the Fiend Intel enemies being the most accessible for farming.

Crafting Components: Many enemies carry items used in crafting via the Item Transmuter option. Assessing enemies will reveal stealable items, facilitating crafting.

Restorative Items: Items like Giga-potions (restores 3,000 HP) and Mega-potions (restores 1,500 HP) are handy in battles. Turbo Ethers, which restore MP, are also beneficial, especially during prolonged fights. You can steal these items from specific enemies encountered throughout the game.

Fortitude Ring: This accessory raises a character’s vitality and spirit by 50. It can be stolen from the boss fight with Reno.

Steal may not seem essential initially, but it can help accumulate useful items over multiple playthroughs, enhancing your overall gameplay experience in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.