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LAUNCH® Appoints Former Walmart Executive to Head New Global Diversified Sourcing Division


LAUNCH®, the Arkansas-based retail firm dedicated to helping national, emerging, and private label brands achieve national scale, has announced the launch of a new division aimed at revolutionizing the global sourcing and supply chain industry. The new Global Diversified Sourcing department is designed to optimize procurement processes, foster supplier diversity, and ensure sustainability in sourcing practices. To lead this initiative, LAUNCH has appointed Arthur Emmanuel, a seasoned Walmart and retail industry veteran, who will focus on rapidly establishing department advancements and best practices to drive value for clients and stakeholders alike.

“Global events like the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us that brands need to be nimble to remain competitive in sourcing and supply chains,” said Jeff Engleman, president and founder of LAUNCH. “This new department is a key strategic initiative for us, and we believe Arthur’s leadership will propel our company, our clients, and the global community into the future of diversified sourcing.”

Operating under the title of LAUNCH President of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing, Mr. Emmanuel brings four decades of experience in retail operations, merchandising, and global sourcing from his tenure at Walmart. His accomplishments include managing a $12 billion sourcing organization and leading Walmart’s market entries into Argentina and Brazil.

“With increased competition and digital innovation, import-export buying and selling is ripe for reinvention,” said Arthur Emmanuel. “I’m honored to join LAUNCH during this exciting time.”

The new Global Diversified Sourcing department will also be supported by executives Steve Ronchetto and David Scogin. Mr. Ronchetto, who recently joined as the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, brings 30 years of retail expertise, including 28 years at Walmart where he retired as a Vice President of Merchandising. Mr. Scogin serves as a strategic advisor for LAUNCH, boasting over 33 years of executive retail leadership experience. He retired as a Walmart Vice President with invaluable experience across food and consumable leadership roles at Walmart US, Walmart China, and Sam’s Club. Under Mr. Engleman’s leadership, the agency oversees 70 domestic and global clients, collectively exceeding $1 billion in sales across its portfolio.


LAUNCH is a privately held boutique retail firm based in Rogers, Arkansas. Founded in Bentonville, Arkansas in 2003, LAUNCH began as a sales and business analytics organization. Since its establishment, LAUNCH has expanded its offerings to include holistic retail support through marketing, digital commerce, and financial administrative services. LAUNCH supports emerging brands, private brand manufacturers, and global companies commercializing in the United States. The firm was one of the first to work directly with Chinese manufacturers, opening an office in Hong Kong over 20 years ago. Although the Hong Kong office has since closed, LAUNCH continues to collaborate with Chinese companies, as well as exporters from India, Italy, Korea, and other global markets since the mid-2000s. For more information, visit LAUNCH, follow them on LinkedIn, or on Instagram.