Home Games ZEBEDEE is a bitcoin wallet created for gamers

ZEBEDEE is a bitcoin wallet created for gamers


Playing bitcoin can be confusing, but not if you have the ZEBEDEE app, the leading bitcoin wallet and the best way to enter the gaming realm that is growing exponentially.

This allows you to discover bitcoin games, special events and give you all the help you need to play the best games you can play for bitcoin.

The app boasts a sleek and accessible store interface that allows you to easily find and download Bitcoin-based games.

The world of bitcoin gaming can be a challenging place to navigate, and ZEBEDEE is the perfect guide – here’s the basics of how it works:

  • Download the ZEBEDEE app, obviously
  • You will then create a player tag, either on a PS5 or a switch
  • You get your own unique ZBD.gg profile page – they are created automatically as soon as you create a ZBD account
  • Download the game and get started

What has changed here is that your profile on ZEBEDEE allows people to send you bitcoin.

SaruTobi is a good place to start as an example. This exquisite, cute arcade game with pixel art is impossible to pick up. You just swipe the screen, grabbing coins and bananas.

You can then trade your profits for bonuses or hours – i.e. satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin currency. Gather them together and you will get some challenging money.

However, ZEBEDEE is not just a gaming portal. If you install the ZBD Infuse plugin, you will be able to play CS: GO on Steam, participate in Match Time tournaments and visit sponsored servers.

And if the competition is too fierce, you can get tips from other players using the ZBD Streamer plugin or visit ZEBEDEE Discord to chat with your other players.

Whatever you decide to play, through ZEBEDEE there is an opportunity to earn real bitcoins and exchange them for real money – and all this while playing a wide selection of fun mobile and board games.

In other words, downloading ZEBEDEE is a fairly simple matter. Head to ZEBEDEE website to learn more and get involved.

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