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Zach Efron wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Hollywood star Zac Efron interested in joining the Marvel Film World, but expects a convenient opportunity.

Marvel fans were hoping to see High school musical the star will join a legion of superheroes on the Marvel list as well recently ExtraTV interviewthe star confirmed he wants the same.

“I love the Marvel universe. I’ve been a Marvel fan since I started walking. If the right character shows up and they want me to jump, I would take the opportunity. “

Now would be the perfect time for a big star like Efron to star in a future Marvel movie. The multiverse has just opened, and many great comic book characters will debut on screen in the coming years.

Over the years, Efron has had many roles assigned to fans. One of the most popular ideas would see the star take on the role of Adam Varlak Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3however, this role has since been officially chosen.

Another role in which fans would like to see the star is Johnny Storm, Torchman, after Fantastic Four appears in the MCU. The Fantastic four The film is currently under development, so Marvel probably already has an actor for the role, but it’s unclear who the star is.

Due to the fact that Efron has now publicly shared his hopes of joining the MCU, perhaps fans will finally get what they want, at some point in the coming years.

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