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You Will Die (Powerful Motivational Speech For Life)


You Will Die (Powerful Motivational Speech For Life)

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You are going to die.

I know you know it, but hardly anyone LIVES like they know it. I know you KNOW this, but the way you ACT every day tells me you may have forgotten it.

You are going to die. I pray it’s not today. I hope it’s not this week or this year, but one day it’s guaranteed… you won’t be here.

Think about that for a moment. Really think about it…

KNOWING that one day you will die… maybe then you will be able to realize that NONE OF THIS REALLY MATTER.

There is nothing to stress about. Nothing to worry about. why? Because one day we will all be gone.

None of these petty squabbles will matter. STRESS doesn’t matter.

Why waste a second of your life doing something you hate?
Why work at a job you hate? Why associate with toxic people who drain your energy?
Why say NO when your soul is screaming YES!?

You’ve been gone for a while, you’re here to have a good time!

You are here to UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL. You are here to do something SIGNIFICANT. You are here to live a life that can be called MEANINGFUL. You are here to live a short but full life.

Do what you LOVE. Follow your dreams. Live boldly and speak from the heart.

Remember that you will die. So you DON’T FORGET TO LIVE!

Remind yourself that you are going to die so that you can be free of FEAR and be FREE to live the life YOU WANT TO LIVE.

Let go of that heavy burden you’ve been carrying on your back. The weight of the comparison. The weight of success. It’s hard to live up to other people’s expectations. LET IT ALL OUT and start LIVING!

If there are moments in your life that you can’t stand – TIME TO CHANGE!

It’s time to take a chance. It’s time to find that passion within. It’s time to find that ENERGY to make your dream come true! It’s time to ENJOY YOUR LIFE AGAIN! TIME!

What do you want from your life? Imagine this. Imagine YOU… 12 months from now. Completely changed.

Remind yourself every day!
Life is short!
I’m not going to HAVE THIS!
I’m not going to take ANY DAY for granted!
ANY DAY can be afternoon!

You are going to die. I know you know it, but hardly anyone LIVES like they know it.

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