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Yara Zaya’s best outfits after her latest plastic surgery


Yara Zaya was open about her plastic surgery on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, leading her to take new fashion risks on Instagram.

Yara Zaya revealed her plans for plastic surgery 90 day fiance fans of the franchise on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7, and now the blonde beauty is sharing the results of her procedure on social media, paired with her signature style. Yara became famous in 90 day fiance franchise due to her marriage to Jovi Dufresne, which was featured during 90 day fiance season 8. However, she has also received a lot of attention for her fashion and the evolution of cosmetic and plastic surgery. 90 day fiance beautiful Yara openly talked about her plastic surgery journey and demonstrated the results on social networks.


While she previously discussed rhinoplasty after referring to her original nose as a “potato”, Yara has spoken about her desire for more plastic surgery during Happily ever after. The mother said that after the birth of Myla’s baby and breastfeeding, her breasts were not as perky as before. Her husband Jovi has unfortunately been shockingly rude about her body changes and insulted Yara’s figure. This led to Yara wanting to get plastic surgery to restore her pre-birth figure. As evidenced by Instagram, Yara decided to increase her breasts. She discussed the procedure with her followers and told fans that she loved the result.

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Yara Zaya’s 90-day fiance shows off his style

In September, Yara took to Instagram to show off one of her carefully curated outfits revealed 90 day fiance star style. Yara paired slacks and a jacket with a black leather corset and sneakers. She informed her followers that they could purchase the jacket from her online boutique. The 90 day fiance The star of the franchise looked gorgeous and fit into the image in which she posed on the streets of the city.

Yara Zaya shows her leg at The Tell-All

On the set of the film Tell-All, Yara showed both her new breast augmentation and her signature style Happily ever after season 7 in a series of photos she shared on September 23. Yara paired the chic green dress with black boots, a black hat and a black purse. She had blonde hair extensions that added length to her sleek blonde locks. The Ukrainian beauty earned a standing ovation for her fashion moment, in which she showed off her style and figure at the same time.

Beauty Yara Zaya’s 90-day fiance stuns in red

Yara absolutely impressed 90 day fiance ventilators in an all-red outfit that deviated from her more signature natural color palette. The Ukrainian beauty shared a heated image in early October. Yara tied her signature blonde hair back and wore a red miniskirt and a tiny red crop top that showed off a hint of her new breast augmentation. Yara looked gorgeous in the outfit, which also revealed her incredibly toned figure. The 90 day fiance star is clearly a franchise beauty with a sense of fashion.

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