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Xbox is on fire because many of them can’t play


Many Xbox users criticize Microsoft for network failures that prevent many from playing games, even offline.

Over the weekend there were service issues, some players still couldn’t play now. Twitter support Xbox addressed the issue on Friday, May 6:

“We know that some users may be unable to run games on Xbox consoles and through cloud games, and our teams are investigating.”

On Saturday, support said problems with the server had been resolved. “All users should once again be able to run games and start Cloud Gaming sessions. Thank you for your patience and happy game! ” Only soon did the problems return.

Server failures, of course, are an annoying reality for companies with the same broad infrastructure as Microsoft or Sony. However, in this case the problem was particularly troubling because people could not play games they had already downloaded, even offline.

The situation has led many people to question Microsoft’s digital rights management (DRM) policy and wonder whether to change it.

According to Is it playing? (through VGC) – a Twitter account that checks to see if games will work without an internet connection – the problem is unique to the Xbox.

“If PlayStation servers fail tomorrow forever, every game that owns the game will run offline almost constantly. (Provided the console is running and the account is linked). There are a small number of titles that will not. “

In other Xbox news Microsoft may release a special Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming device next year.

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