Home Science & Technology Worlds similar to Venus are surprisingly common in “residential” areas

Worlds similar to Venus are surprisingly common in “residential” areas


The infernal planet Venus is known for its incredibly dense atmosphere, extremely high air pressure and a surface temperature that is hot enough to melt lead. In other words, here are some of the most hostile surface conditions The solar system.

But adhering to the standard definition of “residential area”, Venus sits inside this region “Goldilocks”. This is because the current definition of a habitable zone explores only the amount of sunlight that reaches the planet. If it is too much or too little, then liquid water cannot exist on the surface, and therefore the planet is not a good candidate for life. According to this simple criterion Venus is fit for habitation; that is, it can potentially maintain liquid water. But this is clearly not the case. So does this make Venus-like planets rare, or should we start questioning our definitions?

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