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WORLD : Religion and Terrorism

WORLD : Religion and Terrorism

Terrorism, the word itself bears “terror” within. It is an alarming issue prevalent in almost all the countries.Terrorism and religion have become the synonym for many but is rather too far from one another in all aspect and respect.

Let people know that inhumanity cannot be called “religion”. One should not associate terrorism with a particular religion who are victims there in. No country has been left untouched by the Terrorist attack. These attacks are reverting the countries back several yearsand thereby retarding their growth contributing negatively to the Global economy.

History had recorded major attacks which is quite pathetic and indeed an irreparable loss of life and property. Terrorist attacks are mostly linked to religion but it has its loop in political and economic factors. The question needs to be answered “Does the so called -religious terrorism really exist ?”.

Connecting religion with terrorism is simply a convenient way of amplifying and redirecting population to a dead end. Terrorism has always been linked to Islam but it is just a way of giving a false face. Terrorist around the world are from different religion like Khalistan Liberation Front,LTTE, Irish Republican army etc. Therefore it is irrelevant to bestow one religion with such a devastating prefix.

Such interpretation mobilizes that people from other religionshould be killed  but it is obvious from the previous attacks that Islamic countries are affected parallelly and religious places of the Islamic community is also not left untouched with such attacks. Terrorist hail from all religion.They do not belong to a particular community and they do not choose this option because of religious factors but has Political and economical influence.

In the US , the attack on World trade centre had led to the downfall of the global economy. The attack on Indian Parliament and Mumbai terror attack remains inevitable from the minds and heart of the people. This was a phase when the followers of Islam had to face the heinous behaviour of the entire world.It is therefore the prime duty of a country to give a proper definition to “Terrorism” and “Religion”. Such steps and policies will shoulder the burden of a particular community from being targeted and enable them to live a peaceful and guilt free life.

A Global terrorism Database (GTD) is the most comprehensive unclassified database of terrorists attacks in the world. It provides information about the domestic and international terrorist attacks around the world since 1970 .It provides data of around 200, 000 events .It fosters better understanding of terrorist violence and device proper mechanism for its defeat and eradication.

Fight should be against the ideology of terrorism rather than terrorist. The spread of religious fundamentalism should be monitored , an attitude of equality and welfare for all should be prevalent. The reinterpretation of religious texts and its essence should be amalgamated and highlighted through multi-media to arouse a feeling of oneness.

This should be initiated as a joint effort from all sections to recast ones thinking and eliminate the ideology presented by the terrorist which has no place in any religion. “Humanity” is the key factor that conceptualize the teaching and preaching of all religion across theworld.


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