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Why the X-Men spin-off was canceled


The X-Men series “Gifted” aired two seasons on Fox, and that’s why the show was canceled before the third season could appear.

Unfortunately Gifted won’t get a third season, and Disney + didn’t take the X-Men show – that’s why the spin-off series was canceled. Gifted is the brainchild of super-X-Fans fans and Burning notice creator Matt Knicks, and featured his first two (and only) seasons on Fox between 2017 and 2019. The series unfolds in an alternate timeline in which the X-Men disappeared after a terrorist mutant attack that forced the U.S. government to pass tough anti-mutant laws, which in turn forced many mutants to go underground to avoid persecution.

Described by Knicks as “Runs on empty with mutants ”, Marvel’s Gifted follows parents from the suburbs Reed and Caitlin Straker (Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker) who run away after discovering that their teenage children Lauren (Natalie Alin Lind) and Andy (Percy Hines White) possess mutant abilities. Along the way, Strakers join the resistance group known as the Mutant Underground, which offers family shelter from Sentinel Services – a shadow government agency that hunts out rogue mutants.


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Although it began with a well-received first season – and soon returned with a second-year series that was popular with critics and fans – Gifted was canceled before season 3 could appear. GiftedThe cancellation is due to several reasons, so recent films about the X-Men have not shown well. That’s all known about why Fox decided to cancel Marvel Gifted.

Gifted Season 2 has suffered from low ratings

Along with getting generally solid reviews, Marvel Gifted has established itself with a solid rating during his first season at Fox. The series averaged about 8.3 million viewers on linear and digital platforms, and undoubtedly forced Fox to take part in the second season spin-off “X-Men”.. However, Gifted In Season 2, the ratings dropped sharply, especially the linear ones, which amounted to only 3.3 million viewers. It is believed that the lack of success in the linear rankings in the second season was the main driving force behind Fox’s decision to cancel it a few weeks after Gifted season 2 finale has come out.

Disney did not take away the gifted

Marvel Gifted may have been broadcast on Fox, which is not owned by Disney but was co-produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television. Both manufacturing companies are owned by Disney, that is Gifted also owned by Disney. There was hope for that Gifted Season 3 may switch to another Disney-owned platform like Hulu, Freeform or Disney +, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Why modern X-Men properties can’t do it right

X-Men in Last Stand

Gifted be repealed is not surprising as the latter X-Men properties are not stuck landing, producing a flop like People X Apocalypse and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Similar movies and shows Logan and the Legion were of high quality and were under close scrutiny. However, it seems people are not so interested or entertained by the latter parts compared to quiet days X-Men and X-Men 2. Movies about superheroes started strong, with X-Men a franchise that leads the Marvel Group alongside Sam Raimi Spider-Man at the very beginning. But interest in recent films has dropped significantly, which could be due to several factors.

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First, last X-Men movies about the wrong characters. While the stories of the main cast of X-Men have been told, people have become accustomed to the original lineup of superheroes. Public attention has declined as the franchise has decided to take on too many new heroes at the expense of the originals. Second, Fox had a tendency to overload its products – it was a complaint aimed at Gifted. Few spectators want to go through the countless scenes of the exhibition to find an excuse for the action that unfolds. Therefore Gifted remains canceled, and the torque of Season 2 is unresolved. However, the conservation of Gifted leaves for the MCU a unique opportunity to reboot the franchise in a new and exciting way. After all, from Marvel Deadpool had fun in the X-Men universethat could open the door to a new and improved film, The X-Men.

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