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Who are Jake Lockley and Scarlet Scarab in the Moon Knight finale?


The latest series of Marvel Disney Plus, Moon Knight, paid homage to his latest episode in the classic Marvel style: a shocking revelation staged across the stage with captions. Also, in classic Marvel fashion, the Moon Knight caption scene opens up a lot more questions than answers, and her latest episode is long in clues and short with a specific solution.

My Honshu regained his status among other gods after being right about Amit? What is the status of the tense relationship between Mark and Leila? And what awaits Leila’s future?

That’s all we were left wondering at the end Moon Knightthe finale’s, and how Marvel Comics may have the answers.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for all of Moon Knight, in case you hadn’t figured that out.]

Image: Marvel Studios

Who is this Jake Lockley in the caption scene?

Moon KnightThe caption scene reveals the secret the show has kept since its second episode: Mark and Stephen aren’t the only people in their heads. There is a third person that none of them know about, and her name is Jake Lockley.

Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, the head of Mark Spector has belonged to many people (including in 2011 Moon Knight a series by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, persons based on Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine). But in the first comics of the characterhe had only three aspects: Mark Spector, Stephen Grant and Jake Lockley.

Three personalities allowed the hero to live in every stratum of the superhero society: the Moon Knight / Mark Spector as a trained mercenary who became a watchman / avatar; Stephen Grant as the billionaire who funded it all; and taxi driver Jake Lockley as the eyes and ears of the underworld.

Different faces of Moon Knight, from left to right: Mark Spector, Jake Lockley, Stephen Grant and Moon Knight.

Image: Doug Monch, Bill Senkevich / Marvel Comics

Moon Knight from the beginning of the series hints at the existence of a third person, littering the story with moments when both Stephen and Mark felt an eclipse that usually indicated that the other was prevailing. Director and executive producer Mohamed Diab made sure that in the minds of Stephen, who looked like a shelter, included several shots of the sinister black sarcophagus, standing upright and shaking from side to side, as if someone in it was trapped.

Now we know exactly who was there: The Marvel movie worldTake on Jake Lockley. At the moment we know little about him. Jake’s distinctive manner is apparently in Spanish, where Mark speaks English with an American accent and Stephen with a British one. Riding in a limousine corresponds to the comic origin of the character as cabs, but he is known for developing a network of Moon Knight informants, not for being the most convenient to kill people.

Again, Stephen from the show is far from a good-natured comic book billionaire. So far, Marvel has not announced any future Moon Knight projects, so it’s unclear if we’ll learn more about Jake.

What’s up with the gods and Honshu?

Jake is not the only star of the scene in the titles of Moon Knight: Khonshu has picked up some modern themes and a modern way of transmission. Honshu in a beautiful suit is the main part of the Moon Knight comics, and it looks just as good live as on the page. But while Jake kills Harrow (with Amit inside), deciding to search for Honshu to defeat his rival goddess, the finale gives no more details about his new god status.

Did the other gods admit that Honshu was right about Amit? Are you grateful for his patronage? Is it crazy that he escaped from prison? The answers can only be guessed at. Although the fact that he walks in a clean suit and limousine seems to indicate a step up in the world.

Is Layla a superhero now?

Mae Kalamavi reveals the metal wings of her Egyptian-style superhero costume as Leila El Faouley / Scarlet Scarab in

Image: Marvel Studios

Moon KnightThe final episode s hints at the future of the marriage of Mark Spector and Leila El Fauli. And the comics here can’t help us much, because Leila is almost a completely original character Moon Knight TV series. However, in the last episode of the show, she also becomes a free adaptation and a significant update of the obscure Egyptian superhero Marvel: Scarlet Scarab.

First presented in the pages of a series about World War II Invaders in 1977 (created by Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins, and Frank Springer), the Scarlet Scarab’s ability to power, fly, and absorb / explode energy was attributed to an artifact known as the Ruby Scarab. He starred in several numbers, fighting against European domination in Egypt, but did not reappear until the early 1980s, when his son adopted the mantle of the Scarlet Scarab for … Thor. And that’s almost all for the character’s story.

Where it all has to do with Leila is her name. The original scarlet scarab landed on Marvel Comics’ page named Abdul Fowl – and named after Leila’s late father Moon Knight was Abdallah al-Fawli. No one actually calls her the Scarlet Scarab in the show, but the people behind Moon Knight confirmed this the connection is intentional.

While Leila told Tavaretto that her new powers were a temporary situation, you can bet that if the Moon Knight returns in a future Marvel movie universe project, Scarlet Scarab will return.

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