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Where will ESG and sustainable funding go?


Date / Time: May 16, 2022 (1-2 pm ET / 10-11 am PT)

The worlds of finance and sustainable development are converging faster than ever. For investors and companies, this means a clear understanding of key issues, both now and in the coming months, from goal setting and schedules to learning Wall Street. This means a common understanding with internal stakeholders: the risk department, public relations, investor relations and those who control energy, reducing emissions, water use and more.

All of this has been going on for years, never more than in the last 24 months. So where are we? What are the problems? What changes do investors, regulators and financial institutions around the world expect? And perhaps most importantly: are we progressing?

Participants in this hour-long webcast will learn from insiders about trends and practices that are or will soon be betting on large public companies – and some smaller ones.


  • Joel McAver, Chairman and Co-Founder of GreenBiz Group


  • Richard Matheson, President of S&P Global Sustainable1
  • Alison Binns, Head of ESG and Sustainable Investment Strategy Angela Gordon
  • Grant Harrison, Director and Senior Analyst, Sustainable Finance and ESG, GreenBiz Group

If you are unable to set up a live webcast, sign up and we will email you a link to access the webcast recording and the resources available to you upon request after the live broadcast.

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