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What is the Paris Agreement? Lack of workers hinders the growth of world coal production – wat with this?


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h / t be. Pleasant – As global demand for coal grows rapidly, the shortage of coal is the biggest obstacle to the growing coal revival.

Coal mines are struggling with labor shortages as demand around the world grows


In Benwood, West Virginia, money comes in both coal comes out.

“They can’t get it out fast enough,” said Benwood Director of Economic Development Frank Longwell. “So we pay our bills here in the community.” [bold, links added]

Longwell remembers when coal mines were so popular that they turned down job applicants. You can earn $ 100,000 a year on coal mining in Benwood.

But coal miners lack employmente that harms production.

“The main complaint I hear every day is:We need peopleSaid Longwell. “Some of production is declining because they have no people. “

Read more: https://climatechangedispatch.com/coal-mines-struggle-from-worker-shortage-as-demand-soars-worldwide/

According to Bloomberg, China is leading the way in restoring coal demand, seeking to protect economic growth and protect its economy from further energy shocks.

h / t Mike Maguire;

Briefing in China, March 17, 2022: Beijing “doubles the use of fossil fuels”; increasing CO2 emissions in China; Increase in coal production

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Chinese Leaders »doubling on fossil fuels “amid” growing “fears of global energy shortages and” increasing “concerns about the economic downturn, according to Bloomberg. The news came after the Chinese government repeatedly stressed the importance of energy security at a number of key political meetings last week.

Meanwhile, International Energy Agency (IEA) said Last week, China was the main driver of global CO2 emissions “rebounding” beyond pre-pandemic levels. Separately reported by the Chinese government’s energy adviser state television what China’s CO2 emissions increased by 350 million tons last yearwhich is more than twice the average annual growth in recent years.

Read more: https://www.carbonbrief.org/china-briefing-17-march-2022-beijing-doubling-down-on-fossil-fuels-chinas-co2-emissions-increase-coal-production-growth/

As WUWT reported yesterday, India has also joined the coal mining raceannouncing the plans increase coal production by 400 million tons in the next two yearsand dual use of coal by 2040. Increase in coal production by 400 million tons increase global CO2 emissions by 1.5 billion tons per year.

Obviously, all of this is part of a larger carbon plan to suppress renewable energy, right? These fools, don’t they understand Renewable energy sources are the cheapest form of electricity for new construction?

I mean, it couldn’t be that the Greens were constantly lying about the viability and cost of renewable energy, and countries like India and China woke up that the Greens were all the time taking out the garbage like their claims of extreme climate situations and their useless green energy “solutions”?

Do I need a / sarc tag?

The sad part of this story is that many coal workers in West Virginia and other mining locations are shipped to Asia, India and China. This is great news for West Virginia Coals, but what about everyone else?

Imagine the impetus the American economy would have felt if American workers had been free to join the low-cost batch if this cheap coal had been supplied to American producers.

Unfortunately, the economically flawed policies of our hypocritical zero-bill politicians stop this possibility.

Instead of competing with the Asian manufacturing boom, American workers are increasingly frozen and forced to stay away. Our hypocritical policies continue to promote the use of coal, coal is still burned, but the boom in production, fueled by the burning of all exported coal, largely makes other people rich.