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What are you playing this weekend?


Finally, May has come, which means that the flowers have bloomed, the grass is no longer brown, buds have appeared on the trees, rowans have returned from wintering grounds to argue on your lawn, and bunnies are more likely to jump in place than not.

While spring technically started in March, April was such a cold, wet month that it didn’t really feel like spring. But maybe. At least in my neck of the woods. Next week it will be in the 80s – notice the pleasant 80s, not the hot July 80s, when due to the humidity my hair looks like something in between Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister and footballer Kevin Keegan on a good day. Oh, good. Problem with curly hair №675, right?

But you haven’t clicked this article to read about the weather or about what 80s icon my hair looks like when they suffer from pity. You came here to find out what we do on the weekends. Well, here!

Conor Makar, full-time author – Melty Blood: Type Lumina

Okay, maybe I signed up for a big fighting game tournament later this year for a game I don’t know how to play. So this weekend (like every weekend for the foreseeable future) I will probably be playing Melty Blood: Lumina type. Yes, the name is weird, but I hear it’s actually pretty good. So it will be better, because I will grind it from here.

Also, you can expect typical things from me. I’ll be looking into some Warzone along with a little Warframe just for hell. I also intended to return to GTA 5 if I had the time, so it would be a busy two days.

Pepiat House, feature editor – Loot River

I’ve probably spent almost 1000 hours in Binding of Isaac in my lifetime and on at least seven different platforms (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC). I also got 100 in Enter the Gungeon on Xbox, Switch and PlayStation. Most recently, I’ve been giving out credits to Hades on the PlayStation and Xbox. I have a weakness and it’s roguelikes. As you guessed?

How excited I was then to learn that a new child had appeared in the proverb. Lute River – a mix of puzzle blocks and rogue fights – hit the Xbox Game Pass this week, and after working on it for hours (and nailing myself to a particularly broken build from tearing to healing), I think I was fascinated. I’m confident enough to pump up on this for another couple of hours, anyway – whether it will have the endurance of some of my other favorites remains to be seen, but a good combination of water platform, hardcore combat, and good, somber aesthetics still put all my field. Will this newcomer send me up the creek without an oar, or will I be able to get to the current? Only time will tell.

James Bilcliffe, Handbook Editor – Duolingo

I wasn’t furious anymore at the game this year.

Learning languages ​​is fun and all, and Duolingo it’s a good app for that, but nasty mobile design is inevitable on iOS.

Instead of getting a tutor immediately, I promised to try to get a 60-day series on Duolingo first, but if your bug-retaining hearts only recharge every 4 hours, every nagging is a disaster.

It doesn’t help if the native pronunciation in the listening tasks means that the actors literally don’t say all the words! I’m so Salado.

Kelsey Raynor, author of the guides – Valorant

This weekend I’m resting with some ratings Valorant games.

This weekend I for some reason worked very well, so I will continue to impetus and win! Other than that, I’ll probably be spending time with my new game magazine with Lost in Cult.

So what are you doing this week? Are you playing something new? Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters just came out this week. Is this what you took or plan? Evil Dead: The Game will be out next week, so maybe I’ll pick it up. I just can’t give up the opportunity to play anything with friends where I can really say I’m using “bumsticks”. Oh, and congratulations to the Queen, baby.

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