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What are teddy bears? – Endless Rabbit Hole Video Podcast


Last week, Endless rabbit hole video podcast joined Paranormal network YouTube channel with an episode on Phantom Black Dogs. This week, Endless rabbit hole the team returns with an episode that examines the knowledge around Bear Dripnik, a ferocious predator that has a long history of terrorizing Australia’s forests. In the video embedded above, podcast hosts explore fossil records, current observations, and links to another well-known Australian crypt.

Here is information about Endless rabbit hole and its owners:

Welcome to the endless rabbit hole! A podcast that always takes a step forward and has a habit of making you think twice about reality. One path may drive to the deepest forests of the Pacific Northwest to track down everyone’s favorite upright walking monsters, and the next path may lead us to the bottom of the ocean to discover a source of bloop, or maybe we will be kidnapped and taken to Zeta Reticuli (if you believe that space is, of course, real). Jake, Jeff, Kenzar and Jeremy present their unique worldview that coincided with ours as they act as your guides through the Endless Rabbit Hole!

Jeremy Socha: Cryptid enthusiast, folklore archaeologist and anyone interested in Amazing. Jeremy is just beginning to get acquainted with the power in the world of the Unknown. Get ready because he has just started this journey, but once he starts, he will surprise your mind!

Jacob Owens: Jake spends time enjoying nature, and prefers to walk the trail, fish or ride a motorcycle than to spend the day at any time. He believes in the truths of the Bible and looks at the world through the prism of Christianity and the love of Jesus.

Jeff Fernandez: A truth-seeker who is conspiratorial. Jeff doesn’t believe in anything and everything at once. He questions everything, including his own theories, and he has a lot to get around. Put on a foil hat and tie your DeLorean because this trip will be wild!

Kenzar Benson: Kenzar would have preferred to spend time outdoors in search of a ghost town or crypt, but the Great White North is getting cold, so it’s not always an option. Wanting to delve deeply into any topic, Kenzar loves everything little by little and always asks questions. Nothing can stop her from trying to find answers other than maybe owls.

Samples of several other shows we have on Paranormal Network YouTube channel can be seen below, along with the previous episode Endless rabbit hole. To see more, go to YouTube – and subscribe to the channel while you’re there! Paranormal Network is home to shows like We want to believe, Ghost hunting, UFO Show, That bigfoot show, UFO incidents, and Mysteries.

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