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West Point Esports came under fire for alleged misconduct during the Sibol qualifiers


A representative of the Sibol national team for the League of Legends (LoL) PC, West Point Esports (WPE), is currently under fire due to alleged questionable actions in eSports. The team was allegedly found guilty of exchanging accounts in community and collegiate tournaments to participate in as many eSports events as possible. The WPE also received a backlash from the community for holding back a live broadcast of a professional POV (Point of View) player during a tournament and doxing an opposing player who spoke trash in a team chat. The WPE has issued an official statement apologizing for unprofessional reports regarding the sniper incident. However, the eSports organization has not yet issued an official statement regarding the allegations of account sharing, which could lead to several victories.

West Point Esports is reportedly a Doxxed contestant

Thanks to a remote publication, WPE swung at a player named Devoured at one of the community tournaments for trash that is the Academy team. After that, one of the talents of Alpha Esports,, posted on Facebook a message calling on the WPE for sniping.

According to Jerem, Devoured sent the message “Wpe who” through a team chat, which he claimed the WPE would not find out unless they were sniping. Jerem added that he does not consider it talk of garbage, but simply “Patting yourself on the back, winning against a strong opponent.”

“Jesus, imagine that you go into my online stream and look for the private chats of my teammates to only prepare a caring post if you win in them. Very small for an organization that promotes “No Toxicity and Tolerance” Said Jerem.

The match eventually ended with the return of WPE and victory in a series of matches.

Jerem added via a Twitter message that WPE disclosed Devoured’s personal information on Facebook when a professional player once tried to contact the WPE Academy team.

WPE reportedly guilty of sharing account and ghost in eSports tournaments

Jerem further revealed that some teams that do not have organizations have testified that WPE has participated in several tournaments through the account sharing feature.

A Cupcake Club member said they reported suspicious behavior to WPE, which led to him being disqualified from one of the AcadArena Aces LoL events for PC due to account sharing. After that, the Cupcake Club member was allegedly harassed by someone from the WPE through reports.

Jeremy’s Twitter account revealed that John “Waterboy” Rafael Della Paz, owner of the WPE team in the Philippines and Singapore, was the one who offered to disqualify himself from the tournament after he was found guilty of sharing an account, saying it was a problem wrong connection.

Jerem went on to say that the WPE allegedly used the “Ghost” player to gain an unfair advantage. Through a live broadcast called “Confession” the alleged insider from WPE gave the whistle and revealed that the team was indeed breaking the rules to increase their chances of winning the Sibol qualifiers.

According to the data, only the five main professional players of the team have the right to stay in the playing zone (Discord channel). Coaches can only stay at the draft stage, after which they will be asked to leave.

The insider explained that the team used a separate Discord server on which professional players and their coach can stay in touch even after the draft stage is over.

As the 31st SEA Games approached the community continued to receive a negative reaction, which wanted the WPE to give up representing the Philippines in a future tournament.

At the time of writing, neither Sibol nor the WPE had issued an official statement to that effect.

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