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Wanda’s trip to the MCU was more than Elizabeth Olsen expected


Wanda Maximov has been part of the MCU for some time, for the first time she was teased in the credits Captain America: Winter Soldier together with his twin brother Pietro. The character has been through a lot, and the actress Elizabeth Olsen proved to be a fantastic and adaptive actor, especially because she had no idea where this role would take her when she first signed up.

Olsen’s real debut at Marvel took place The Avengers: The Age of Ultronin which Wanda appeared alongside Pietro Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who did not go beyond his first film. The actress is doing a phenomenal job of portraying her grief over the loss, which unfortunately would be a trademark for her character.

Since then, the 33-year-old girl has starred in several MCU films, which have only led to more suffering in the form of the death of her love Vision, which directly led to the events WandaVision. Talking to Comic bookOlsen the evolution of the Scarlet Witch.

“I mean, it was a trip I didn’t expect, I was comfortable just taking the strip and showing just a couple of its colors and just helping the story and the film as a whole. And then WandaVision, I have to be all the colors of all the rainbows. It was an amazing opportunity, but also an amazing opportunity to remember the playfulness and the opportunity to fail, and there is such a freedom that we had during the filming that made me understand how I feel about it. So be it with Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessI was at first when I heard, I said, “Really, we are WandaVision and then shall we do it? ‘

Going from WandaVision y Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness there was a big change, which was also touched upon by Olsen.

“However, I think it was an incredible opportunity to have an audience for seven hours on her side and then throw her on a journey where you can potentially ask her where she comes from. And I had a really great time trying to create an evolution of her and her power, her acceptance and confidence in who she should be, and that’s informing her about decision making. And then I’m always, with Sam [Raimi], we always tried to come back to find her humanity, even through it. And so it was a fun line to share. ”

The mini-series was a significant leap for the actress, who mostly played a minor role in MCU at large, but was now in first place and was at the center with the opportunity to truly shine. This was brilliantly done, earning Olsen Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. У Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswe see a more fully realized Scarlet Witch, one who is more aware of her powers but still comes to terms with her past.

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