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Part 2

This is a continuation of the column “Walang is impossible”Which I wrote on the eve of the election (May 8) and which BusinessWorld published online on the same date.

In this column, I not only said that nothing is impossible –walang impossible – but also confirmed that we will win – magwawagi tayo!!

I stand by these words.

During the campaign for Leni Robredo I worked with many young Leni volunteers. They are passionate, purposeful, smart, intelligent, agile, resourceful, creative.

Like Lenny and many of her other volunteers, my young colleagues had the spirit and conviction to fight, even when they realized that the campaign was a boom.

Lenny’s campaign was set up late, as she first tried to unite the opposition. Failing, she decided to take part in the visit in the face of the approaching date of the candidacy. What’s worse, Lenny has been bombarded by trolls for years, scattering tons and tons of lies.

Meanwhile, the enemy had years of training. He enjoyed enormous resources and a well-established political machine.

Obviously, Lenny was an outsider. Pre-election polls conducted by reliable outfits showed that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has a broad advantage.

Despite the formidable odds, Leni took off and gained momentum. She ignited a giant movement. Campaign rallies ended in advance rally attracted hundreds of thousands of people. Sustained support through collective action during the four-month campaign has become unprecedented in the history of the Philippines.

Even the enormous resources of Marcos Jr. could not be compared to the mass movement of Leni. Lenny defeated Marcos Jr. in mass mobilization and public sentiment expressed through the media.

The challenge, however, was to combine the mass movement and the traditional election campaign. To paraphrase fellow columnist Diva Ginigundo, “the return of votes is initial.” Profits from the giant movement, unfortunately, did not result in mass votes for Leni’s victory.

Polls suggested the Marcos landslide, but, as national scientist Raoul Fabela said in a text message, “miracles can come true.” Even science has a solution to miracles. So the sciencesfic surveys have confilanding intervals, usually conisan identification level of 95%, which also measures the degree of uncertainty.

We were all heartbroken when we saw the voices gushing. It was especially painful for the youth. Tritia, a young mother and niece of an old friend, wrote to me: Titus, men, grabe ‘yung a sense of despair. Arjay, a millennium-old campaigner, has said he felt he was crushed or buried by an avalanche.

Especially after my text conversation with Guild, another longtime friend who sent feedback that my words are comforting, I decided to share my thoughts with a wider audience.

When I wrote “Walang is impossible”And when I said magwawagi tayoi meant every word i said.

It took a long time to win the election, but the election was just the beginning. The election was a great struggle, but the struggle did not end there. I dare say that, despite losing the election, it portends a strategic victory.

Yes, losing it hurts. The enemy had huge advantages. Lenny went to the race with a big handicap. We had our weaknesses and shortcomings, but we fought hard and inflicted the strongest blows.

We lost that battle, but one fight is not definot the result of a long war.

Or maybe it’s done differently. Those who are familiar with the history of the Vietnam National Liberation War will be reminded of the Theta offensive. It was a turning point in the war in Indochina.

Ha Shi Min’s revolutionary forces went on a dramatic offensive, but were defeated. But it was a turning point in the war. Instead of demoralizing the Vietnamese revolutionaries, they learned lessons, achieved moral elevation, and gained confidence that U.S. aggression could eventually be defeated.

The 2022 election is our offensive attack on Tet. In the company “Leni” we came out stronger.

Elections are one arena of struggle. And new arenas of struggle – formal institutions and street parliament – are available to us. We have a weapon that Marcos Jr. does not have – a new version of people’s power. He might have won with confidence, but the votes he received do not follow from his convictions. They remain soft.

On the other hand, we have courage and determination. We have the energy and endurance for the long haul fistruggle, especially with our main force, educated youth. And the lessons we have learned, including from failures, will strengthen us.

So, from a strategic point of view, we won.

Now we need to consolidate. We must remove the baggage we pull, discard bias and arroganceflicting some of us and be firm in grabbing Lenny radical on pagmas (radical love). And trust people, especially young people.

Let’s listen to Lenny’s statement: “A majority decision must be made, and I ask everyone to be with me on this issue.” What’s more: “Let your tears floh But after you finish, wipe away the tears, because there is still work to be done. “

I. fiand consolation in Ecclesiastes:

“The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, and the heart of fools is in the house of gladness.”

And “everything has its season.”

Philomena S. Hundred. Ana III coordinates the Action for Economic Reforms.


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