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Valmont, Convert Italia debuted a new brand Valmont Solar Tracker


Valmont Industries Inc. and Convert Italia, Valmont and a supplier of uniaxial solar trackers, are launching a new one Valmont Sunny brand. Unique to the brand partnership between Valmont and Convert is the ability to deliver comprehensive networking solutions in addition to its flagship line of solar trackers. With a full line of engineering products, from transmission and distribution to substation packaging and renewable generation, Valmont Solar is able to provide partners with comprehensive offerings.

“Europe is going through unprecedented times when it comes to energy,” said Matteo Demofonti, head of European business at Valmont Solar. “On the one hand, Europe has aggressive renewable energy targets that need to be achieved by 2025. On the other hand, the supply chain and volatility of the energy market causes great uncertainty. The time is perfect for a company like Valmont to use its more than 75 years of experience to address these challenges. ”

Valmont Solar will offer solutions for the photovoltaic industry in the markets of Europe, Latin America and North America.

“Valmont has been a major player in the utilities industry for many years, providing solutions to strengthen the network to create a smarter and more sustainable network,” said Greg Tours, vice president of Valmont Global Generation. “Now, with Valmont Solar, we represent the generation by collaborating with PV integrators through our offerings and services. Delivering equipment and services that will help us implement a modern, clean grid is a unique role, and we can no longer be happier to be at the forefront of these changes. ”

Valmont Solar’s main product, Convert Single Axis Tracker, is a solar tracker with more than 15 years of experience in this field. Convert Trackers increase efficiency by following the sun as it moves across the sky, and have a performance increase of up to 25% over a 1 MW project using fixed solar racks.

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