Top 10 Picks for the Best Nutrition Apps To Download

You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.” -Unknown

Nutrition is very important when focusing on living a healthy life without having to face health challenges even in old age. People nowadays do not care about their diet because it seems too tough to go to a nutritionist or dietitian and then get regular plans that fit into their lifestyle of late work hours and busy weekends.

Hence, for saving you time and money while making small changes to your life, these applications have been developed to provide you with the best nutritional information and services. This innovation has brought a positive effect on people because eating healthier is now just a click away and requires no extra cost.

The internet has made it easy to reach out to a nutritionist if you need serious medical help, but to implement small and consistent changes and eat healthier by the day, these apps are perfect. All you need is an internet connection with a reliable provider to go about surfing the internet, downloading, and having the apps run smoothly. You can check outMediacom as our suggestion, which you can get in touch with through the following link and get the best plans to keep up to date and manage your nutrition at all times.

You will not regret digging in deep through these apps to make the best out of their nutrition tips and tricks.

  1. MyPlate Calorie Counter:

Nothing better than being aware of your calorie intake when eating. This app has a good iPhone and Android rating, not only helps you to calculate the number of calories on your plate each time you go for a snack but also keeps a record. Moreover, it gives you access to various diet plans and exercise options to benefit yourself from. This is a free application including some additional paid services. It has in-app purchases starting from as low as $3.75 per month.

  1. PlateJoy:

This app has a considerably higher rating on iPhone than on Android. It is not free and has different subscription fees on different tenure packages. The monthly subscription is $12.99. This is a very efficient application for fulfilling your nutrition needs. Using questionnaires to collect data on your daily routine, this app gives you customized plans according to your needs.

  1. MyFitnessPal:

This is another free application and is worth downloading. It comprises various features such as counting calories, storing a large food database, barcode scanners, and much more. It helps you keep track of various aspects of your health and nutrition. It has over 6 billion food sources in its database. It makes it easy to log your meals with powerful metrics and insights from nutritionists. It will keep you on track and help manage your weight too.

  1. Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools:

This application includes more than two million recipes that you probably could never finish testing. Hence, no question arises about the variety of content it provides. Recipes here are categorized according to their health facts and functions. Plus it also helps you to create your basket of ingredients. All the features are free with the app but you can always make in-app purchases for additional features.

  1. Lifesum:

Free to purchase, this is a famous application that has similar functioning as the previous one as it provides personalized plans according to the body mass index of a person. This app does a health test for individuals regularly, which helps you compare your progress in the past weeks.

  1. Ate Food Journal:

This app works like a companion for you which assists you in understanding why the foods you eat are important and why are they not in case of unhealthy ones. This is an unpaid application with monthly fees starting from 9.99$ and an annual fee of 49.99$. This application will give you small but meaningful details like how you spent your day eating by collecting your information.

  1. MyNet Diary Calorie app:

This app has somewhat similar iPhone and Android rating, and is a free-to-use application. MyNet Diary Calorie app will help you keep a check and balance of new and latest weight trends, and how you are coping with them. Performing data analysis, this app will be of great help to get you pumped up for health care.

  1. Noom:

Having a fee of 60$ per month, this app will provide you with custom-made plans for meals. Also coping with short and tough challenges to overcome health problems. It also creates awareness of the importance of health by educating people on its website.

  1. Spokin:

This is free of cost application. Allowing you to focus on eliminating harmful ingredients from your diet. This is an easy-to-use and very beneficial application that even informs you if the foods you are eating contain any harmful ingredient that might trigger your allergy.

  1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker:

This app is also free to use. Ensuring a healthy pregnancy, Ovia will give you all the tips to get through your pregnancy period successfully and by getting the best nutrition. It will suggest foods according to your condition, as well as give you reminders once it is time for medicine.

Ending Note:

All these applications are worth mentioning when it comes to nutrition-based services and focusing on your health via healthy recipes and exercise tips. You will surely get to benefit from them if you stay consistent and motivated in your health goals side by side.\


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