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TikTok Explores Snapchat-Like Streaks in New Testing Phase


TikTok is currently experimenting with a feature reminiscent of Snapchat streaks, aiming to enhance user engagement and time spent on the platform.

While TikTok has confirmed the testing phase, they have not issued an official statement regarding the feature’s rollout. This experiment is being conducted in specific markets with select users.

The mechanics of TikTok’s streak feature are straightforward: Users must engage in direct messaging for three consecutive days to initiate a streak. Once established, a streak badge appears in the chat, accompanied by the number of consecutive days of interaction. Several users have taken to social media recently to share their experiences with the streak feature on TikTok.

Similar to Snapchat, a streak on TikTok ends if neither user sends a message within 24 hours of the last interaction. TikTok prompts users when their streak is at risk of ending, encouraging continued engagement.

For those who prefer to manage their notifications, TikTok offers the option to disable streak notifications through the app’s settings menu. Additionally, users can opt out of in-app streak notifications for a more streamlined experience.

Snapchat streaks have traditionally served as a status symbol among friends, reflecting the frequency and closeness of interactions. TikTok’s iteration of streaks aims to evoke a similar sentiment, fostering deeper connections among users.

Last year, Snapchat introduced a paid feature allowing users to pause streaks, recognizing the significance of these interactions. They also implemented a feature to restore streaks, ensuring users can maintain their connections uninterrupted.