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This mod for Fallout 4 recreates all the DLC Point Lookout for Fallout 3


Point Lookout – Fallout 4 is a true holiday for DLC Point Lookout fans from Fallout 3 … but in its continuation. The Fallout 4 mod includes every quest, location, NPC, enemy and almost every item and weapon from its predecessor’s DLC.

This is an impressive feat. Point Lookout was the penultimate DLC for Fallout 3, which was released back in 2009. Located in Point Lookout State Park in Maryland, the extension has broken away from the usual gray palette of the huge Capital Wasteland in favor of a small swamp town, with a seaside (swamp?) Pier and a strange old mansion.

Maud is a matter of hands Capital Wasteland Projectwhose goal is to restore all of Fallout 3 to Fallout 4, as well as additional benefits for graphics, physics and performance. As expected, the DLC looks much better on the Fallout 4 engine with higher texture resolution, God rays and better visual effects thanks to the use of assets from the new game.

But graphics aren’t everything; There are other reasons why you can play some of the iconic Fallout 3 quests in the new version of Creation Engine. Previously, players were forced to log in to Games For Windows Live to even access the game, though thankfully it was finally removed late last year.

A more troubling issue is that Fallout 3 was not designed with multicore processors in mind. Anyone running a modern PC with more than two physical cores is likely to experience a lot of glitches. There is a workaround that limits the number of cores the game uses to two, but that’s at the cost of performance.

Keeping Fallout 3 in the new engine could extend the game’s lifespan for modern PCs, although the ideal solution would certainly be an official remaster. Your step, Bethesda.

You can download mod from Nexus Mods.

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