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This is not what Amazon Comedy’s photo looks like


Prime video has released the official trailer for Emergency, his upcoming dark comedy thriller with RJ Cyler, Donald Elise Watkins and Sabrina Carpenter. The film will be available for broadcast on May 27.

The video, which you can watch below, shows three POC college students when they come across an unknown white girl unconscious in her living room. Because of a potential misunderstanding of their situation, they decide not to call the police and take the girl to safety.

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Emergency RJ Cyler stars (Powerful rangers), Donald Elise Watkins, Sebastian Chacan, Sabrina Carpenter (Tall girl), Maddie Nichols, Madison Thompson (Ozark), and Diego Abraham.

“In the film, Kunle and his best friend Sean are both seniors in college who are going to go on an epic night of spring break parties,” the synopsis reads. Sean has planned the whole night, including every party they will send on their “legendary tour”. Kunle is not working, but is mostly concerned about completing his form experiment in his lab, as his admission to Princeton depends on the results. They return to their apartment before the game, but find that their roommate, Carlos, has left the door open. When they enter anxiously, Sean and Kunle find on the floor a drunken, half-conscious white girl they don’t know, and Carlos, who doesn’t pay attention, who hasn’t heard her enter the video game, which is ringing in his ears. Kunle wants to call the police, but Sean strongly opposes the idea, concerned about what it would look like if police officers show up (two black men, one Latino and a white woman who lost consciousness).

Together, Carlos, Sean and Kunle load the girl (her name is Chrysostom, but her real name is Emma) into Sean’s van with the intention of taking her to a safe place instead of calling the police. Meanwhile, Emma’s sister, Maddie, realizes that Emma has left the party they were at, and in a drunken panic begins to look for her, using the location of Emma’s phone. There is a chaotic, merry and tense chase around the city as our trio struggles with their differences, trying to bring Emma back to safety.

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Emergency Directed by Carrie Williams based on a screenplay written by Oscar nominee KD Davila. The world premiere of the film took place earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival in 2022.

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