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There’s something wrong with Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valley looks at the player with some disturbing and deformed eyes.

Screenshot: Gameloft / Kotaku

I feel weird paying attention to it because the details are subtle, but it annoys the hell out of me while playing Disney (extremely good) take over Animal crossing. In his defense, though, Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic and recognizable characters on earth, and video game graphics practically allow you to peer into people’s pores. It’s hard no to notice that something is wrong in the world of Dreamlight Valley, especially if you grow up with these characters.

Mickey Mouse design featured in Disney Dreamlight Valley it’s a standard, if not classic, circuit that we all know and love. Our favorite mouse boy is wearing big yellow shoes, bright red shorts and big white gloves. He’s medium-sized, so Goofy towers over Mickey quite easily. So far so good. The problem lies entirely in Mickey’s eyes.

Mickey Mouse's eyes close up in the movie

Screenshot: Gameloft / Kotaku

Mickey has something wrong with his right eye. The larger oval is deformed and slightly smaller than the left eye. The pupil, however, remains the same size. When Mickey’s eyes move, the effect becomes unsettling, making it look like his eyes are too narrow or close together. Sometimes it seems that his pupil is squeezed by the eye, or as if this is not happening fit somehow The game will be make the assets pinch each other at some pointsdepending on what you do.

Mickey’s eyes are also designed to follow you as you move, and he’s shorter than you, so he’s always looking up. I don’t think it’s intentional, but it makes Mickey look like he wants to kill me half the time. His gaze is both wrong and strangely empty, like a defaced painting that follows you around the house, ready to kidnap you if you’re not looking. Which, admittedly, might be great for a game set in Disney’s Haunted Mansion, but it doesn’t look like that here.

Mickey Mouse stares at the player in Disney Dreamlight Valley with disturbingly deformed eyes.

Screenshot: Gameloft / Kotaku

I’m really sorry if you didn’t notice this before and now you can’t undo it because like I said it’s a small detail. And I apologize if you still can’t see it. I’m not sure I would have seen this at all if I hadn’t played along with a sincere Disney adult (my girlfriend) who immediately informed me that Disney had internal guidelines for the Mickey Mouse image, so she knew something was wrong here. . However, I know I’m not crazy. “He also does a certain pose where the bottom of his eyes drop down,” one Redditor wrote in thread on st Dreamlight Valley forums discussing this very phenomenon.

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Now I’m left to wonder: Mickey, just now did what will happen to Minnie who is missing at the beginning of the game? What to fertilize the garden your lovely wife loved so much, hmm??

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