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The VTA welcomes the Victoria Government’s investment in freight and logistics


The measures, published in the Victoria budget, announced this week, were welcomed by the Victorian Transport Association.

Key treasury commitments made by Treasury Secretary Tim Palas include a lack of skills in Victoria’s transport industry, road and rail infrastructure, and training and training through licensing reform.

The state road network will receive $ 780 million for maintenance, including $ 101 million for regional roads and major freight routes.

Another $ 263 million will go to the Victoria Road Safety Strategy for 2021-2030 and the first three-year action plan on road safety.

In addition, $ 181 million has been pledged for critical maintenance work on freight lines in the regional Victoria to increase safety, reliability and improved logistics for rail freight, and $ 3.5 million for the continuation of the Incentive Scheme (MSIS) and 6 , $ 1 million in the planning of a new Western Intermodal Freight Terminal in Truganin; and $ 21.5 million to fund licensing reform.

The Palace has also announced $ 383 million for the operation of new transportation infrastructure provided under Big Build, including the dismantling of railroad crossings, the widening of railroads, the modernization of railroad stations and roads and bridges.

Welcoming these and other budget measures, VTA Director-General Peter Anderson congratulated the Victoria government on continuing to invest in new road and rail infrastructure, as well as on decisive steps to increase the attractiveness of careers in the freight industry.

“The freight industry did not stop and did not miss a single blow during the pandemic, despite the shortage of workers, which increased the pressure in the supply chain, which was felt throughout the economy,” he said.

“We commend the government for recognizing and acting on the supply chain obstacles facing our industry, in particular the need to reform our licensing system to be able to attract and retain new highly qualified and skilled people in the industry.” – continued Anderson.

“The $ 21.5 million budget for licensing reform will help create safer and more competent drivers and are an important component in making the transportation industry a more attractive profession. Victoria is leading the country with its licensing reforms, which is a credit to the Victoria government’s recognition of the importance of the transportation industry to the state’s economy. “

Anderson said road and rail investments are vital to the health of the transport industry and welcomed measures to support a truly intermodal transport industry.

“The budget contains a number of measures to improve infrastructure, with all operators benefiting from increased productivity and efficiency, which has been made possible by investing in new roads and railways and stronger bridges. We are grateful to the government for listening and acting in accordance with the needs of our industry, ”he said.

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