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The UN, Turkey and Ukraine continue the Black Sea grain agreement despite Russia’s withdrawal


United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine the pressed ahead implement a Black the sea grain right and agreed on a Monday transit plan for 16 ships to move forward, in spite of Russia’s withdrawal from the pact, which allowed the export of Ukrainian agricultural products to world markets.

Russia, which invaded Ukraine on. February 24 on Saturday stopped his role in Black the sea right for an “indefinite period”, cutting supplies from one of the world’s leading grain exporters because it said it could not “guarantee the safety of civilian vessels” moving under the pact after it was attacked Black the sea fleet.

This step caused a response from the side UkraineNATO, the European Union and the United States, and the United Nations and Turkeythe two main brokers of July righttried to save him on Sunday.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was deeply concerned by Russia’s move and postponed a foreign trip to try to revive the agreement designed to ease the global food crisis, his spokesman said.

Following Russia’s move, Chicago wheat futures jumped more than 5 percent on Monday as both Russia and Ukraine are among the world’s largest exporters of wheat, analysts note.

Since July, more than 9.5 million tons of corn, wheat, sunflower products, barley, rapeseed and soybeans have been exported. Under rightJoint Coordination Center (JCC) – consists of UNturkish, Russian and Ukrainian officials coordinate the movement of ships and inspect vessels.

On Sunday, no ships moved along the created maritime humanitarian corridor. But the United Nations said it agreed Ukraine and Turkey according to the traffic plan, there are 16 ships on Monday – 12 outbound and 4 inbound.

It says Russian JCC officials were briefed on the plan, as well as the intention to inspect 40 outbound vessels on Monday, and noted that “all participants are coordinating with their military and other relevant authorities to ensure the safe passage of commercial vessels,” according to right.

During the Sunday session among the grain right delegations, Russian officials said Moscow would continue dialogue with the UN and the Turkish delegation the pressof questions, Art UN said in his statement.

But it wasn’t Russian reaction in response to Monday’s transit plan.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar was in contact with him Russian and Ukrainian counterparts to try to save the agreement and asked the parties to avoid provocations, the Turkish Defense Ministry said.

NATO and the European Union called on Russia to reconsider its decision. US President Joe Biden on Saturday called Russia’s move “absolutely outrageous” and said it would lead to more hunger. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken accused Moscow of weaponized food.

On Sunday, the Russian ambassador to Washington cut offsaying the US response was “outrageous” and made false claims about Moscow’s move.



The Russian the Ministry of Defense reported Ukraine attacked on Black the sea Fleet near Sevastopol with 16 drones early and that British naval “specialists” helped coordinate what is being called a terrorist attack. The UK denies this claim. Russia said it repelled the attack, but the ships targeted were involved in providing grain corridor with Ukraine‘s Black the sea ports.

Ukraine neither confirmed nor denied who was behind the attack. It was proposed by the Ukrainian military RussianPerhaps they themselves are responsible for the explosions.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitriy Kuleba said Moscow used the bombs 220 km (137 miles) from grain the corridor as a “ground” for a long-planned move.

The head of the administration of the President Uladzimir Zelensky on Saturday accused Russia of devising attacks on its own power.

Ukraine often accuses Russia of using c Black the sea The navy has been firing cruise missiles at Ukrainian civilian targets, an allegation supported by some military analysts who say that makes the navy a legitimate military target.

Lately, the Ukrainians have dominated the invasion of Russia counteroffensive and Russian drone and missile attacks that destroyed more than 30% of Ukrainegenerating capacity and reached populated areas. Each side accused the other of preparing for the explosion radioactive bombs.

Russia asked UN The Security Council is meeting on Monday to discuss the terrorist attack in Sevastopol, Deputy UN Ambassador Dmitriy Polyansky wrote about this on Twitter.



The grain right resumed supplies from Ukraineallowing sales on world markets, targeting the pre-war level of 5 million metric tons exported from Ukraine every month.

But ahead after it expired on November 19, Russia said it had serious problems Ukraine complained that Moscow blocked the delivery of almost 200 ships grain loads.

The right provided safe passage to Odessa and two other Ukrainian ports.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of wanting to escalate the crisis, saying that 218 ships are blocked and waiting to transport products or enter Ukrainian ports.

Vessel with 30,000 tons of wheat, chartered UN The food program, which is intended to eliminate emergency situations in the Horn of Africa, turned out to be among such about three Ukrainian ports, reports in UN

“We are ready to launch this ship into the the sea“, he said, but like other ships with agricultural products, he had to wait, “because Russia blacksending the world into starvation,” he said. – Reuters

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