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The Transylvania Hotel has given the monsters a friendly face


Hotel Transylvania is about a monster hotel run by Count Dracula himself. Every year he organizes a massive party for all his friends, giving different creatures the opportunity to be themselves and set free without fear of being found – and then hunted – by people (like Draco’s wife, Martha, met his tragic end). In the film, they celebrate the 118th birthday of his beloved daughter Mavis; however, the gathering is accidentally broken by Jonathan, an ordinary man – and things get complicated when Draco’s own daughter falls in love with this man.

The end result is a surprisingly sweet story of a young woman who discovers her independence, and a single parent gradually comes to the conclusion that his “little girl” is no longer a child. What’s more, there’s a strong message of acceptance here: the monsters are shocked to learn that humans no longer fear or hate them, breaking the social barrier that has kept them hidden in the shadows for countless years.

Although the Hotel Transylvania is more devoted to the archetypes of monsters than to vampires, its central figures have two bloodsuckers: Count Dracula and Mavis. The film undermines the Gothic subgenre of horror “vampires”; instead of being powerful and controlling, vampires are the ones who are afraid. It’s more subtle than the subtext “People are REAL MONSTERS” in films like “I am a legend“and it offers a new perspective for such stories. The ending also opened the door for further stories that explore a world where humans and monsters learn to coexist, with no emphasis on predator-prey relationships.” Hotel Transylvania 2 “, for example, focuses on son Mavis and Jonathan, Dennis, and whether he inherited his mother’s vampire abilities.

While the story of the franchise is declining, “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” is about a monster … cruise (really), while the release of “Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformation” is just for streaming “Hotel Transylvania 4” : Transformation “) is essentially about monsters losing their abilities while people gain them) you can’t deny that IP has had a serious impact on pop culture.

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