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The Tokyo director is ready to create a DLC as well as a sequel


Very much expected Ghostwire: Tokyo sank back in late Marchand thankfully it seems executed with dignity so far. Although 77 Metascore on Metacritic suggests that the game has some niche appeal, Steam’s “very positive” reviews seem to indicate that it has pretty well suited that niche. Those who clicked from Ghostwire: Tokyo one may wonder what will happen next. And although we do not know anything for sure, directed by Candy Kimura at least I have some ideas. In a recent interview with IGN JapanKimura expressed openness to developing both a DLC and a sequel Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Much of the interview consisted of a discussion of the game development process installation. Kimura didn’t say much about what that potential was Ghostwire: Tokyo the sequel or DLC package will look like this. However, he said he would formulate some ideas for the next content, “if still a little calm down, and if I cool off a little.”

Tokyo is ripe for more supernatural adventures

Kimura further clarified that he had not made any decisions on this content, so he could not say anything specific. He also said that despite the interest in the future Ghostwire: Tokyo he hopes to surprise players again with a new IP address, just like in the game.

Due to the lack of details and specific solutions at this stage, it can take quite some time before players hear anything about the new DLC or sequel Ghostwire: Tokyo. But whatever that content is, hopefully it will evoke the same level of charm and intrigue that primarily attracted players to the game. And if this content manages to smooth out some of the roughness of the original game, then the appeal of this IP could go far beyond the niche audience it cultivated.

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