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The stable of beasts is a shockingly timely story of women’s revenge


Maybe you haven’t heard, but it’s a nightmare time own a uterus in the United States. The Supreme Court is seeking to overturn Rowe v. Wade by ending protection against abortion across the country and returning reproductive rights to a more draconian era. Frequent discussions about abortion have made me think about how it is portrayed in movies, from the bitter scene in “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” to the extremely graphic depiction in “Enter the Void”. Scorpio held on return to the forefront of my thoughts, for she is the erroneous but fascinating figure of female revenge.

In the first two films, We take revenge on those who harmed her personally by killing their rapists and those who aided them. But in “The State” We become a symbol of revenge for all women. She takes on different facets of patriarchy, fighting the police, yakuza and others, and does it all with her branded cool. There are a few female action heroes who refer to Charles Bronson in “Wishes of Death” or Clint Eastwood in the “Dollars” trilogy, but Kaji in the role of Scorpio is absolutely on top. She’s beautiful, she’s cool, and she’s absolutely awful.

“Beast Standing” is inspired by Gothic horror with deep shadows, rain-soaked streets and a villain holding domestic crows. It’s still a film about exploitation, so it pretty much has bloody violence and nudity, but there’s something amazing about how Cady makes his way through evil. The fact that the film does not shy away from stories about abortion is also surprisingly refreshing, although one of the procedures shown is not medical and extremely clear. There is a contrast between two women who have an abortion, which underscores the importance of choice: Yuki chooses an abortion when she realizes she is pregnant with her brother’s child, while another young sex worker is forced to have an abortion by Madame Raven, so she may return to customer service.

Yuki’s experience is sterile and cold and we see how she has come to terms with her feelings, but it is never described as traumatic, while the experience of another young woman deep traumatic. Autonomy over one’s own body is all, and it’s easy to see the similarities between forced abortions and forced pregnancies, which people are now looking down on in the United States. elsewhere as a young sex worker dies from internal bleeding. Outlaw abortions do not make them disappear; it simply forces people to risky home treatments that can lead to serious injury, infertility and death.

The films “Scorpio Woman-Prisoner” are problematic in nature as exploitation movies, but they still have some harsh feminist ideas. Scorpio Cady is an antihero for centuries, a savage woman traumatized and set on revenge – and we could all use a little of her fire.

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