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The shareholder with Tom Cruise of the old school is in the top 10 on the broadcast


From the first reviews, it looks like this Top Gun: Maverick he is destined to become not only one of the best blockbusters of the year, but one of Tom Cruise’s best films. This is not a feat based on his stellar career, let alone a sequel that will appear 36 years after the original. It can be argued that the actor has already become a kind of spiritual successor, but since the 1990s. Days of Thunder fired while “Top Gun with racing cars ”.

Although at the time it may have been seen as insulting, in reality it was not so far off. Cruz plays a novice with a hot head who confronts his peers and various veterans before eventually forming a close bond with his former rival, who sees them postponing their differences until the third act comes, and there is also a love affair. interest found along the way.

Then there’s Tony Scott’s presence behind the camera, just like him Top Gunso the comparisons pretty much challenged themselves. Days of Thunder was a decent box office hit after earning $ 158 million on a budget of $ 60 million, but critics and audiences were not impressed.

As they say, p Top Gun: Maverick on the way to the cinema a couple of weeks later, fans decided to take another look at the Cruise Back catalog. I agree FlixPatrol, Days of Thunder entered the top 10 on iTunes in the UK, even if one would have thought that his first outing as Pete Mitchell would be reconsidered.

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