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The real story behind the stairs and why it doesn’t matter


Police suspected this because of the large amount of blood and the way it was sprayed, deep lacerations on his head and neck injuries that could have coincided with suffocation.

The motive of Michael

Michael Peterson was bisexual and slept with men. The prosecution claimed that Kathleen discovered these cases and confronted Michael, and then he killed her to death. The Petersons were also in significant debt, and Kathleen’s life insurance policy was also seen as a potential factor in Michael’s alleged plan to kill Kathleen.

Strike poke

There is a lot of talk in documentaries, and some in the series – about the “blow”. If your first thought is, “what the hell is a blow”? You would not be alone. It’s a hollow metal stick-like stick that can be used to light a fire (and inflate). Anyway, it was a coordinating moment because for a while it was thought that the murder weapon was a missing Peterson punch (a gift from Sister Kathleen Candace). The said missing hit was found some time later in Michael’s garage, and the conclusion was that it was not actually a murder weapon.

Another staircase

This is a particularly amazing detail. A few years ago Michael was living in Germany with his first wife Patty when their girlfriend Liz Ratliff died. Oddly enough, she was found dead at the bottom of the stairs the morning after Michael dropped her off. The death occurred 17 years before Kathleen’s death, German authorities found it accidental, and Michael had no motive, but prosecutors still received permission to exhume Ratliff’s body and filed a lawsuit, arguing that her death was murder, not accidental and could have inspired Michael as a way to make the murder look like an accident.

Martha and Margaret, Michael’s two adopted daughters, are the children of Liz Ratcliffe, who made Michael and his first wife the guardian of the girls after she was widowed.


The documentary team that made the documentary series Stairs are also part of the show. It is directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrad played by Vincent Vermignon and produced by Danny Ponce, played by Frank Face. In 2001, they won an Oscar for Best Documentary for their film Murder on Sunday morning.

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