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The Pixel 7 Pro undergoes a durability test


Google Pixel 7 Pro The flagship phone has passed the well-known endurance test, and there are a few sticking points.

Popular JerryRigEverything The YouTube channel put the Pixel 7 Pro through a torture chamber test, and the phone came out a little worse for wear.

In particular, the phone’s shiny metal camera module, which spans the width, was badly scratched under relatively light abrasive pressure. Indeed, there were signs of scratches within minutes of the phone coming out of the box, before the proper violence began.

This is not the only problem either. In a bend test, it was found that there was a crack right next to the antenna line right next to this large camera module. Tester Zach Nelson called it “some very annoying bending.”

We do not speak a an imminent disaster as was the OnePlus 10 Pro by any means, but it was enough to warn that it “barely” survived. It is also noted that the appearance of such gaps will worsen the waterproof rating of the Pixel 7 Pro.

The Pixel 7 Pro’s display is just about as durable as any other Android flagship, thanks to the use of standard Gorilla Glass Victus.

In conclusion, Nelson recommends that anyone buying a Pixel 7 Pro get a decent case, both to keep the fragile camera module from getting scratched and to give the case a bit more durability.

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