Home Business The operator is calling for better road safety along Midland Hwy

The operator is calling for better road safety along Midland Hwy


The transport company operator called for the installation of signal lights on the approach to the Midland Highway to Bunignon.

Buninhong resident and Freeman’s Transport operator, Sam Freeman, said the steep road towards the roundabout, where the B-double recently crashed, was known to be a former danger to heavy vehicles. Drivers, he added, need to be warned before approaching an intersection.

“Bunignon at the top of the hill needs some kind of warning for heavy vehicle drivers about a steep descent so they can opt for a lower gear,” Freeman told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

“Something needs to be done quickly to eliminate some more problems.

“Even a mobile sign needs to be installed today to warn drivers and relieve pressure on Bunyong residents who are worried about another incident similar to what happened on Friday.”

Freeman said that better security measures were taken in other similar conditions, so it should be the same here.

“There are many other places where incidents have taken place, such as the Adelaide Hills and the Toowoomba Range, where they put up warning signs, so I think that’s the way to go,” he said.

“The speed of the truck at the top of the hill is a problem we face in Bunyong. At the top of the hill should be a large warning sign and flashing lights. It should be in your face. “

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