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The new update “Kingdom Two Crowns” adds difficulty modes, balance adjustments, new mystery and more – TouchArcade


If you haven’t had time Kingdom of Two Crowns ($ 2.99) from Raw Fury, he received a paid DLC in the form Kingdom Two Crowns: Scandinavian Lands. We covered Kingdom of Two Crowns for a long time through his initial announcement with detection two-player split screen mode and cross-platform update. Kingdom of Two Crowns has just been updated (deployed on all platforms) with new difficulty modes, balance adjustments and more. This 1.1.16 update affected iOS even before it first appeared on Steam. New difficulty modes: peaceful, easy, ordinary, cruel and cursed. They regulate the rate of greed, making it more accessible or more challenging. There have also been changes typical of the Scandinavian lands, and now the ghost is teaching new rulers to buy shields and activate the shield wall. When it comes to balance sheet changes, there are some notable ones. The Ballista Towers are now higher, and arrows are not so often stuck in walls. Now you will have an extra moment to restore your crown before the end of the game, farms will deploy farmland faster and more. Watch out Kingdom of Two Crowns The Norse Lands trailer is below:

Today’s update also changed the wallet with coins, when coins no longer fell out randomly, many problems are fixed in the base game and Kingdom of Two Crowns Scandinavian lands. Check out the full patch notes on the Steam page for the game here. This includes balance adjustments, fixes, new features and more. If you already own the game and want to Kingdom of the Two Crowns: Scandinavian lands company, it is available as an in-app purchase for $ 2.99 on iOS and Android and as a paid DLC $ 6.99 on Steam. If you haven’t gotten the base game yet, you can buy Kingdom of Two Crowns on App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. You played Kingdom of Two Crowns on iOS or Android yet and you checked Kingdom Two Crowns: Scandinavian Lands company?

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