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The latest leak in Silent Hill became legal after the liquidation of Konami


Maybe it won’t be a pachinko car (photo: Konami)

Konami seemingly inadvertently confirmed the existence of the new Silent Hill by filing a copyright lawsuit against the leaked images.

There have been numerous leaks and rumors that the new Silent Hill has been under development for years. From Hidea Kodima is back to Konami contracts The average Bloober development teamnone of them ever succeeded.

Most recently, someone shared images of what they claim from the new Silent Hill game, as well as a few details.

They would be easy to dismiss, except that the images were removed from Twitter thanks to a copyright warning from Konami. Oddly enough, this largely confirms that the shots are genuine.

After all, if they were fake, Konami would have no reason to follow them and could just leave them. Not that it matters, because images can now be easily found elsewhere.

The pictures show a young woman with parts of her face that feel like paper, an abandoned room filled with rubbish, and a cramped hallway covered in written notes, with a monstrous figure (perhaps a new type of enemy) standing at the end.

We won’t be posting them here, but someone has collected them in a gallery on Reddit.

Twitter user AestheticGamer aka Twilight Golem as a result even blocked their Twitter account (now it’s back) and said in ResetEra message that it was Konami who filed the lawsuit.

They chose not to talk too much about what they know about the new Silent Hill, just mentioning the names Anya and Maya (the main characters?), Text messages and the fact that more than one Silent Hill game is in development.

They add that the images they shared were taken in 2020, so the final product may look completely different, but they insist they are genuine.

The mention of text messages is interesting as canceled Silent Hills was intended to have a feature when the characters in the game will send text messages to your phone.

Twilight The Golem did various claims related to Silent Hill in the past, none of them have come true, although they support them and still say it’s all true.

They also shared the exact details Resident Evil Village before it was released and rightly said it would be announced on PlayStation 5 event.

It’s been 10 years since the last game of Silent Hill (spin-off Dungeon Crawler Book Of Memories), so fans have been waiting a long time for the sequel. Given Konami a new love for NFT and liberation Electronic football 2022however, fans are better off being attentive to what they want.

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