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The last city is the main gamers


Hi people. Distribution of the day holds a new draw for The Last City. Let’s listen to them.

The last city
available as day gifts!
You have limited time to download, install and register it.

A few words about the Last City

Can your colony survive 10 days or more in the desert?
Find food, build your colony, recruit new workers, feed your population, make tools and equipment, prepare food and explore technology!
-Player controls (mouse and keyboard).
-Construction and handicrafts
-Gathering resources
– Inventory system
-Selecting system
-Automated schedule of colonists
– Equipment
-Attributes of character (health, hunger, happiness …)
-Attacking and HP
-Factory for the production of goods.
-Recovering resources
-Tree of technology
– The system of events
-Gaming clock, day / night cycle
– Save / download system

Last minute notes

Log in through your Facebook or email account to get the key.

Still here? Just click on the button below and follow the instructions listed. So simple! Enthusiastic about this offer? all active raffles and competitions are held with us Souvenirs and Free Steam Keys pages.

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