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The iPhone 15 Ultra may have a performance advantage over the iPhone 15 Pro


The iPhone 15 Ultra According to the new tip, may open a gap compared to the iPhone 15 Pro with superior image processing and performance.

Apple is rumored to change the naming scheme for the top models in its smartphone lineup in late 2023. Pro Max will be released, and Ultra will appear.

It could be more than just a name change, as new claims from leakster LeaksApplePro (via How to decide) is worth believing. Apparently, the first peek at the iOS 17 code revealed some differences in the design of the so-called iPhone 15 Ultra.

The iPhone 15 Ultra is said to have more advanced imaging software than the iPhone 15 Pro. This may well indicate that the larger phone will also have a great camera, but even otherwise, it should take better photos.

Also, this early look at iOS 17 suggests that the processor in the iPhone 15 Ultra will have more performance “leeway” than its smaller brother. This could point to a beefier cooling system that will allow it to run at a higher clock speed (and therefore faster).

All in all, it’s looking increasingly likely that the days of parity (plus-minus a bigger screen and battery) between the Pro and Pro Max models are numbered. If you want the best Apple has to offer, you may have to upgrade to supersized devices from 2023.

This iOS 17 code also confirms that only the Pro and Ultra models will enjoy the full benefits of USB 3.2 speeds, despite the fact that all four models have USB-C ports. On the plus side, it also confirms rumors that all four iPhone 15 models will feature Dynamic Island for the iPhone 14 Pro.

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