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The Halo 3 ODST mod adds new guns, elite to the classic sandbox


The neon-yellow elite is on alert with the energy ball in New Mambas.

Screenshot: 343 Crafts / Herald

In case you want more Halo content but want wait until Infinite understands himself first, one of the best companies in the series has just received an impressive mod that expands the sandbox, throws you new enemies and promises new updates around the corner.

Halo 3: ODST Reimagining, a solo attempt by modder Harbinger (backed by a team of testers), has one clear and straightforward goal: to make playing a classic campaign on the rain-soaked city streets of New Mambasa “more fun”. He achieves this by introducing new types of enemies, AI behavior and weapons from some other games to compensate for the original smaller selection of firearms and enemy forces associated with knowledge.

Speaking to Harbinger at Discord, he explained that the process is to “remix” the meetings to make the 2009 experience a little newer, with Brute’s modified behavior changing the shootings along with elites who were absent from the campaign due to the World War Pact . Their addition perfectly complements the palette of the enemy to restore the classic “protected but enemies that can be shot in the head”, so often associated with Halo agitation game. Additional weapons also help fill the adventure with more ammunition as the later Bungie era Halo titles always felt a little stingy in the bullet department.

Gif: 343 Industries / Harbinger / Kotaku

A little play in this mod is amazing how subtle the changes are at first. Unlike many others Halo fashions, for example, are classic SPV3, it doesn’t immediately impress you with redesigned visual effects or overtly obvious changes to the gun’s design. It’s a little more subtle, and as a result, feels a little more organic and in tune with the original PAR.

I found that I found new weapons quite naturally in the environment – and judging by the rings, they are an expected addition. The presence of the actual DMR on the field compensates for the rather weaker Magnum and SMG with muffled mute, the original introduced in the series, and so far Halo: ReachIs a plasma repeater, this time it feels more efficient. It is presented along with a collection of other Covenant weapons, such as an automatic plasma pistol that spits out a three-toothed pile of red plasma. In general, expanded weapons are definitely needed with the new expanded range of enemies, which makes the game more deadly and attractive.

If you are looking for a good reason to jump Gallo 3: ODST again Rethinking ODST mod is worth your time. The forerunner advised to watch this, as he hopes to improve the experience of working with the center of the open world, perhaps with some Halo: Infinitely-inspired to withdraw valuable goals. Installation is simple: just overwrite the original map files in your local directory and set up the game to run without enabling anti-cheat. Come back, newbie.

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