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The glacier dam was flooded with South Asian heat


Because schools across India close early in the summer – they can’t operate amid high heat and power outages – a big glacial lake explosion in Pakistan destroyed a bridge, two power plants and flooded the village as a record, months of heat sharpens further. Record high temperatures have accelerated the melting of ice and snow, feeding the lake near the Shishpar Glacier in Hunza County in northern Pakistan so quickly that it has broken the ice dam and dumped 10,000 cubic feet of water per second. down the valley. Residents received enough warnings to evacuate, but the floods destroyed farmland, electricity facilities and some homes.

“This melting of glaciers is a cause for concern because it now occurs almost every year,” said Hunza Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Usman Ali in an interview with the Washington Post, noting that many regions of the country have been affected. “It’s all about climate change.”

Reprinted from Nexus Media.

Sources: Heat wave: PBS News Hour, Washington Post $; Schools: TIME; Melting glaciers that destroy the dam: Washington Post $; Climate signals background: Extreme heat and heat, Glacier and glacier are melting

Video forecast for 2017:

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