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The Forspoken trailer follows Frey’s magical parkour abilities


Impressions of Forspoken were mixed in the run-up to its launch, but one aspect of the upcoming open-world RPG’s gameplay that has received widespread praise is its fast-paced, magic-based parkour system. In a new trailer and update posted on the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix shared more information about exactly how this will work.

The eight basic movements of the parkour main character Frey are described in detail. For starters, there’s Flow, which is described as the “heartbeat” of the parkour system. It is activated by holding down the circle button and running on the stamina meter, and allows Frey to automatically jump over small obstacles while running at a fast pace. Rush, meanwhile, will allow for an even more relaxed Flow based on timed button presses with visual prompts.

Then there’s Shimmy, which allows Freya to push off surfaces to speed up by pressing X at the right moment, and Scale, which allows Freya to create “phantom supports” to dash upwards. Soar allows her to jump even further into the air to reach greater heights, while Zip allows her to pull herself up to surfaces by attaching a magical tether to them.

Float, meanwhile, allows Frey to manipulate gravity to soften her fall. Finally, there’s Glide, which allows Frey to glide across water surfaces. Check out the trailer below to see all the moves in action.

Forspoken is scheduled to launch on PS5 and PC on January 24, 2023.

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