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The D&D Classic settings are likely to come back later


The Wizards of the Coast have promised that the company’s three classic settings will return to them Dungeons & Dragonstwo arrive in 2022 and one in 2023. The identity of the classic 2022 campaign settings was revealed during the first-ever online D&D Direct showcase, as Spellamer returns in August and Dragonlance returns in late 2022. D&DThe third company to return, in 2023 remains a mystery, but there are several strong candidates for the post as well as for future planned return locations.

During D&D Direct, it became clear that Spellamer was returning Spelljammer: Adventures in space, which is a box set containing three books. The Dragonlance setting comes back in an unusual way, as both the company book and the board game, which are compatible with each other, have been released. These were two of the company’s most anticipated classic settings, and longtime fans are thrilled that they’re coming back after such a long time.


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There are a number of classics D&D settings, but many are unlikely to return. There are some D&D settings that cannot return to 5ebecause they are now owned by different publishers, so are unlikely to return without a license deal. There are also some less popular settings that are unlikely to return, such as Birthright and Council of Wyrms. It still leaves some big names from history D&D which may return in the future, especially now that Spellomer and the Dragon Cop are out of the way. The D&D multiverse will continue to add new aircraft like Magic: Collecting locations are becoming integrated into the game, but there is still room for classics, especially in terms of life expectancy D&D will be expanded with the release of 5.5 in 2024.

Planescape is the next step for D&D Multiverse

Planescape The Lady of Pain

The D&D Multiverse 5e grows with each book and the return of Spelljammer will allow people to travel between different D&D worlds of the company without the need for portals or spells of teleportation. Not everyone has time to fly through space on a wizard, especially since in the wild there are all sorts of dangers. This means that many still turn to magic when they need to quickly reach another world or another plan of existence. Planescape is a company setting that focuses on places between planes, as well as many amazing places that spread across the endless multi-universe.

Planescape tells the story of various planes around the multiverse, including D&DExternal plans and the afterlife. One of the most important places in Planescape is Sigil, the City of Doors, which is sometimes called the center of the multiverse. Sigil is the possession of the Lady of Pain, one of the most powerful creatures in the world D&D multiverse, and few would ever dream of invading a city for fear of its massacre. A well-developed version of Sigil, with various factions fighting for power, individual philosophies of its people and even slang terms, is long overdue. D&D. If the multiverse continues to grow, then Planescape plays an important role as a connective tissue that holds everything together.

The Greyhawk setting from D&D has been teased in many 5e books

Dungeons Dragons Tashas cauldron everyone.  All the rules are changing

The Greyhawk setup is one of the cornerstones D&Dand the Oerth world is actually the default setting D&D 3e, but she has not yet received the campaign book D&D 5e. Greyhawk was one of the originals D&D company settings and characters from that world still remain important players D&D multiverse, for example Windows, arch-lych, who became a godbut Orth still remains in the shadow of Faerûn. The D&D The company’s books often give basic tips on running games in Greyhawk, such as offering places to adapt adventures to Oerth, and Player’s Guide lists the gods of the world, but players have to look for details about the settings in old books.

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One of the best aspects of Oerth is how easy it is to adapt for homemade games, so this can be a basic setting D&D 3e. Oerth is a ready-made world with its countries, factions, villains and dungeons, but it is not as difficult as settings like Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance. Greyhawk also hosted some of the best adventures in history D&Dand it would be amazing to see them adapted for D&D 5e. Wizards of the Coast has released several D&D Books 5e with Greyhawk heroes and villains as the main characters, including Xanator’s guide throughout, Tasha’s cauldron of everythingand Mordenkainen presents: Monsters of the Multiverseall of which are part Gift set “Rules of D&D Expansion”.and this may be a hint that a return to Erta is expected.

Dark Sun needs a revival of D&D 5e

У D&DRavenloft has Domains of Fear, which are locations controlled by some of the most evil and powerful individuals in D&D multiverse, but the Domain of Fear is a vacation in the Caribbean compared to the world of Atas from the site of the “Dark Sun” campaign. Atas is a desert planet with no gods to provide people with divine magic. Instead, it is a planet with dwindling natural resources, where the use of mysterious magic destroys what is left of plants. The cities of Atas are ruled by kings-wizards who perform horrible rituals to try to turn themselves into dragons, securing their power with an iron fist.

Dark Sun is an amazing company setting, but it probably won’t come to 5e sooner than Planescape or Greyhawk. This is one of the classic settings of a company that has received a revival in time D&D 4e era, the company’s book was released in 2010, so it’s still relatively fresh compared to other returning classic company settings, with Spelljammer fans have been waiting for his return for 30 years. A push for more content in D&D The multiverse also means that the Dark Sun will be a difficult prospect as the world of Atas has been cut off from the rest of the multiverse by a crystal sphere that has blocked wizards and magic spells. The reason for this is that high-level characters from other aircraft could solve many of Atas ’problems by breaking away from the point of action. Most importantly, Dark Sun has the darkest tone of all Dungeons & Dragons settings, and adapting it to 5e poses a number of challenges, as softening the darker elements diminishes the identity of the setting and can repel existing fans of the setting.

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