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The date of the Summer Game Fest, which will be shown in IMAX cinemas, has been revealed


E3 dead (at least this year), but Jeff Kaylee guarantees that the summer will be some kind of centralized event with a bunch of game news and discoveries. And he has finally announced a date that will probably be the biggest part of his event, Summer Game Fest Live. The premiere of this live showcase will take place on Thursday, June 9, at 11:00 a.m. in Pakistani.

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The play, which promises premieres and a wealth of news, will also be broadcast live at IMAX cinemas in the US, Canada and the UK. However, given the time difference, it may be a bit late as tickets in the UK will go on sale on May 12 at 9am tennis time. Kaylee has been in touch with the IMAX cinema since her parents, David Kaylee and Patricia Kaylee are the top quality gurus at IMAX. Regardless, Jeff praised the staging of his show at IMAX theaters.

“Video games are the most powerful, exciting and spectacular form of entertainment in the world, so it’s only natural to offer them to fans at IMAX, the most exciting movie format in the world,” said Jeff Kaylee.

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The big show will also complement the Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition. Day of the Devs provides coverage for indie games and was previously an annual event in San Francisco before the pandemic. Last year’s show highlighted hits like The door of death, Last stop, The edge of axiom 2, Toemand more.

Summer Game Fest Live three days before the Xbox event. Sony and Nintendo have not yet announced the dates of their imminent demonstrations.

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