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The cost of rent is rising: here are the top 10 cities that Americans moved to last year


Americans on the move are looking for southern comfort.

While in the country the speed of movement was steadily declining since 2017those who are still collecting things, heading south and west.

Four of the 10 most popular cities Americans moved to last year were in Texas, according to annual truck rental giant Penske. The best moving directions A report released this week, Houston took first place. Partner of the Lone Star State of San Antonio, Dallas and Austin also included in this list, as were Charlotte, North Carolina and Orlando, Florida.

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The second place in the list of 2021 was taken by Las Vegas, which took 1st place last year, and the 10th was closed by Phoenix (3rd place) and Chicago (10th place).

Here are the top 10 Penske moving destinations for 2021:

  1. Houston, Texas

  2. Las Vegas, Nev.

  3. Phoenix, Ariza.

  4. Charlotte, NC

  5. Denver, Kahlo.

  6. San Antonio, Texas

  7. Dallas, Texas

  8. Orlando, Florida

  9. Austin, Texas

  10. Chicago, Illinois

Penske has been compiling its relocation list since 2010, analyzing one-way truck rental bookings made through its website, call center and shopping venues combined with U.S. census data to determine the most popular places where Americans travel.

Almost every city on the list is also in the top 10 The 2020 list too. But it was the first time Charlotte had been on the list since 2018, and Chicago had not been in Pensk’s top 10 since 2015. However, Atlanta, which has been in the rankings since Penske’s inaugural list in 2010, dropped for the first time. The report claims that “carriers give Atlanta a little rest” after years of flocking to the Georgian capital.

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The data comes amid rising rental costs in the United States. Over the past year housing prices jumped 5.1%which means the biggest increase in 40 years – housing costs are a third or more of the typical household budget.

Pensk’s report suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in remote work opportunities that have allowed many people to live away from their jobs may be one of the reasons Americans moved last year. And the mild winters of the Sun Belt were another attraction.

But the trend toward Texas preceded the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 2021 was the seventh year in a row that Texas had more than 500,000 influxes. Report on moving to Texas published by the Associated Press. Many of the carriers arrived from California and Florida; U.S. Census Bureau data say more than that 687,000 Californians have moved to Texas in the last decade.

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У A 2019 report on why Americans flock to TexasMarketWatch highlighted factors such as affordability, work, natural beauty and warm weather.

Interestingly, some recent survey data suggest this Boise City, Idaho, and Austin, Texas, are among the least inflated prices cities in the United States.

However, it should be noted that in general fewer Americans are moving. Census data show that the number of people living elsewhere in 2021 compared to the year before has reached a minimum in seven decades (only 8.4%). And that decline in the number of people moving in also preceded the pandemic.

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