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The best leisure games to stimulate your mind and have fun


As organic storage devices, our brains are markedly different from digital drives. It is estimated to contain up to 2.5 petabytes of information – similar to almost three million hours of television. But throwing all that knowledge out of your head when you need it is another matter. To achieve this, people need to develop their brains. And what if you can do it by playing games? The choices are huge, from banal puzzles and crossword puzzles to super Mario or poker. To your attention the best games that stimulate your mind and have fun.

Game little world

Board games develop yours strategic abilities and stimulate your brain to think ahead and plan your every move. Chess is known or a good choice, but sometimes you want to try something new. Have you ever heard of SMALL WORLD, developed by Philip Cearts?

The action takes place in a fabulous place where different creatures live. Among them: magicians, sorcerers, gnomes, giants, werewolves, and ordinary people. But the world is so small that it is simply impossible for everyone to get along under one sky, so we need to fight for our place. The game opens up a unique opportunity to try yourself in the role of a leader of different races, each with its own unique abilities. In addition, players must choose 20 additional features and thus create a unique combination that underlies the strategy. Winning points can be obtained through diplomatic skills, intimidation and recruitment of enemy units.

Also during the game you will need to conquer new areas and build tactics. After a while, the game can completely change the course, causing the player to change the developed race to a new one that has other abilities. Previous achievements will also be taken into account.

Similar board games:

  • Carcass
  • Pandemic
  • Azul
  • Dixit

Casino games

If you want to play not only with pleasure and benefit, but also with profit, casino games are your choice. Develop your roulette intuition skills, poker math skills or test your luck in slots by choosing Canada’s best online casino payouts among those considered.

However, special attention should be paid to poker. You can play it with friends and colleagues or on the Internet, sitting at the computer. There are many types of this card game, but they have one thing in common. The main task of each player is to collect a combination of cards with the highest rating and win the “pot”, which is the sum of all bets made by all players in one trade. Calculate your chances of winning correctly and use your stack wisely. Don’t forget to say “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” after the win.

All you can ET

Multitasking video games forcing you to respond to a stimulus – such as a road sign or a new environment – during the game can improve your ability to memorize information while you are at the center of the problem. This will allow you to better deal with obstacles or distractions when retrieving information.

Scientists still often argue about whether video games help develop and operate the brain. Daphne Bavelier, a cognitive researcher at the University of Geneva, notes that action gamers move better between shared attention (the brain’s ability to respond to stimuli at the same time) and focused attention (the ability to focus on targeted stimuli). ). “It’s called attention control, the ability to flexibly switch as needed,” she says. All You Can ET also helps you switch between tasks.

All You Can ET is a game designed to train cognitive flexibility and sub-skills of executive functions. Cognitive flexibility involves inhibiting the previous perspective and considering a new perspective.

Players must follow rules that change frequently to give colorful aliens the food or drink they need to survive. All You Can ET is a great example of how video games can be not only addictive or harmful, but also beneficial.


You have just seen the best games to have a good time. Unfortunately, we can’t include all the games because their numbers are huge.

Games are a great thing that can dilute your evening with something original, create your atmosphere, train your brain well. Some games can help you better understand people, their temperament and actions, such as the mafia. It will also help you develop your public speaking skills because in the game you will need to speak and play mind games to win.

If you play in the company, the main thing is to choose a game that will be interesting to everyone. During group games, disputes and misunderstandings often arise, which is normal. Do not be fanatical about the game. Remember that your actions in the game can affect your real life.

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