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The alleged MMO Otherside from Bored Ape Yacht Club led to the crash of the NFT train


Yuga Labs, the technology firm behind the infamous NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club, is seeking to rake suckers potential players before his game to earn, known as The other side, a self-described “metaRPG” that “brings together the mechanics of MMORPGs and virtual worlds with Web3 support”, allegedly allowing more than 10,000 players and “millions of complex interactive entities in one world supported by physics and AI” to interact in one place for incredible live interaction ”; what kind of interaction is this there ishowever, it is not clear. Obviously, the game was supposed to come out in April. (It’s not.)

We drew attention to this latest P2E scam, apparently BYAC faced quite serious problems if The other side elected on sell in-game NFT land known as Otherdeeds. As with other NFTs, Otherdeeds are artificially restricted; On April 30, there were only 100,000 available, and another 100,000 other cases were “exclusively awarded to Voyagers who hold other cases and contribute to the development The other side». Again, what these land NFTs really mean gameplay the meaning is unclear, but it only underscores that the alleged MMORPG is not a company priority here.

Despite this, buyers flocked to the initial sale, which was only available when using ApeCoin-based cryptocurrency Etherium. This, in turn, caused “gas payment”- the fee that users have to pay for the set-off required to complete an ETH transaction – to scale to a five-digit range, while others reportedly were charged a gas fee even though their Otherdeed transaction was not was completely completed.

Yuga Labs said it was aware of the problem announced on Twitter last Wednesday that the gas bill was returned to those whose transactions failed “due to the state of the network caused by the mint”. Many responses to the tweet report that not everyone has received a return, and The other side The phishing site also reportedly deceived NFT holders by about $ 6.2 million.

Despite all this, people are there yet purchase, enrollment sales Yuga Labs more than 270 thousand ETH, or more than $ 810 million only in the first week of May at the time of writing. If someone was curious, that’s why we can’t have good things.


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