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Take advantage of this deal to get a 20GB Vodafone SIM for just £8 a month


Let’s say you’re happy with your smartphone and just need some extra data at a good price, this contract has your name on it.

This deal sees you get 20GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts on Vodafone for just £8 a month. It’s a small amount to pay for everything it gets you on your mobile phone – and there’s no upfront cost.

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This deal offers a good amount of data at a very reasonable price, so it might suit you if you’re not a power user and are already happy with your current smartphone.

20GB data on Vodafone for just £8 a month

With this SIM deal, you get 20GB of data every month, plus unlimited minutes and texts for just £8.

  • Mobile phones Direct
  • No upfront costs
  • 8 pounds per month

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20GB may be a small amount of data, but most people will find that it covers their monthly needs well enough. If you’re not sure if you need more (or less), you can always check your average data usage. However, you will never get to the heart of the texts and minutes allowed with this plan. This offer can be combined well with the purchase of a new smartphone at a discounted price, but otherwise you can always keep the device you have at the moment if you’re happy with it.

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