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Strong winds increase the risk of overturning for truckers in the southwest


Truckers will have to contend with wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour on Wednesday and possibly Thursday in the Four Corners region and other parts of the southwest. This will increase the risk of tipping over not only for drivers moving (carrying an empty dry van or temperature-controlled trailers), but even for drivers carrying full trucks.

Target areas

Gusts will range from 45 to 55 miles per hour in many areas of southeastern California, including Barstow; southern Nevada, including Las Vegas; much of Arizona except Phoenix and Tucson; as well as much of New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. In some places the wind can reach 60 miles per hour.

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The National Weather Service has issued wind recommendations for some of these areas, but most are under the red flag warning because they are prone to forest fires due to long-term severe drought combined with winds. The air will also be very dry, with a daytime humidity of less than 10%. New and existing forest fires could spread rapidly, possibly leading to greater road closures. Sections of several state highways near Las Vegas, New Mexico, have been closed for weeks due to a fire at Hermits Peakthe largest forest fire in the country, according to the National Interdepartmental Fire Center.

Other impacts

In addition to the risk of overturning and blocking roads, strong winds can have other consequences. Smoke from forest fires can get in drivers ’field of vision, sometimes reducing visibility in some areas.

Dust storms and localized dust storms can occur, which also limit visibility. It happened Tuesday near Amaryll, Texas.

Major concerns

  • Interstate 10 from Las Cruces, New Mexico, east of Tucson.
  • Interstate 15 from Barstow south of Salt Lake City.
  • Interstate 25 from Denver to Las Cruces.
  • Interstate 40 from Barstow to Amaryll.
  • Interstate 70 from Goodland, Kansas, to the I-15 junction in Utah.

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