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Square Enix says Balan Wonderworld is a game she confidently recommends


Despite being involved in the lawsuit because of its design and negative reviews, Square Enix says it recommends Balan is a wonderland “With confidence.”

The game was discussed in a question and answer session during a briefing on the company’s earnings, during which an investor asked about Lawsuit filed by former director Judy Naka against the company allegedly involved after his dismissal from the project.

Square Enix confirmed that Naka had a lawsuit with the company, but did not give any details. However, according to Takashi Matizuki of Bloomberg, Square Enix also commented on Balan Wonderworld himself, saying: “This is a game that we strongly recommend.”

Balan Wonderworld spent not the best time in the spotlight. Naka left Square Enix after the game was released last year and since become an independent developer. Recently Naka told about his time in Square Enix, developing the game. He said he had an internal conflict with co-developer Arzest and felt that Balan Wonderworld was presented in an unfinished state. In addition, Naka called the company, saying, “I think Square Enix is ​​bad.”

In IGN Balan Wonderworld Review, we said, “It’s a mess of unfinished concepts and awkward mechanics that slow it down to creep, and seem to draw inspiration from the best games without properly restoring what actually makes them fun.” In this context, the Square Enix recommendation seems a bit out of place.

In other news Square Enix company recently sold its western studios to the Embracer Group to fund future projects such as cloud services, artificial intelligence and, above all, blockchain initiatives, the latest of which is Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda expressed interest further.

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