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Sneakerella | Chosen by Jacobs is about transforming a classic fairy tale and its lead role [Exclusive]


Tomorrow – release Disney + original film, Sneakerella. As you may have guessed, this is a modern look at the classic Cinderella fairy tale. Yes, this tale has been reworked many times, as different filmmakers have different visions of what it should look like. Or maybe they want to make a version of a close and dear childhood story. Be that as it may, here’s another retelling of a story that takes place in New York’s street sneaker subculture.

Our presenter Sneakerella – this is Al, played by Chosen Jacobs. His mother died and left him, his stepfather and two half-brothers a shoe store in Queens, New York. Ella and his mother shared a passion for sneakers. Thanks to this he is now a beginning designer of sneakers. He draws inspiration for his projects from the loving community around him. But he hides his gifts from his stepfather, who is under a lot of pressure, to try to do the work left by the store. Although he has two more half-brothers, Al always works in the store when they go into their projects. Everything changes when Al meets Kira King, played by Lexi Underwood.


With the release of Sneakerella tomorrow, Emanuel Gomez of LRM Online spoke with selected Jacobs about his role as Ella. In our conversation, we talk about his feelings for different contemporary views of history. He shares with us how important it was also to show a “give and take” relationship in the community. If you helped each other in difficult times, make everyone successful. Last but certainly not least, he talks about his experience with Lexi Underwood. All this and more can be seen in our interview below!

Here is a summary for Disney + Sneakerella

“Sneakerella” unfolds in a vibrant subculture of New York street sneakers. He represents Ella (Jacobs), a novice sneaker designer from Queens. He works in a shoe store that once belonged to his deceased mother. Al hides his artistic talent from his overworked stepfather and two vile half-brothers who constantly suffer from any opportunity that comes his way.

When Al meets Kira King (Underwood), the daughter of legendary basketball star and sneaker mogul Darius King (Sally), sparks erupt when they bond because of their mutual commitment to sneakers. With a little push from his best friend and a share of the magic of Godfather Fairy, Al finds the courage to use his talent to realize his dream of becoming a “legitimate” sneaker designer in the industry.

The original Disney movie + Sneakerella premieres Friday, May 13, only at Disney +.

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